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Sarah Palin has been invoking God’s name to justify much of what she has done and said for over one year.  From her attitudes about homosexuality (indicating that if people just prayed about it they would be “cured”) to her suggestion that we could fix the problems of the country by seeking divine intervention, I have been amazed that Palin could invoke God’s name with little accountability.

In her book “Going Rogue” Palin suggests that it was perfectly appropriate for her to write a letter in God’s voice giving advice to herself about the reason that she was going to give birth to a Down’s Syndrome child.  The letter seems to absolve her of any responsibility for getting pregnant when she and Todd were both over 40, and thus the likelihood of having a Down’s Syndrome child was dramatically increased. It didn’t seem to bother Palin that her pastor had been hunting witches in Africa, or that people in her church speak in tongues.  It bothers me.

When I watched Palin give her speech to the Tea Baggers Convention and saw her look at the palm of her hand, I was amazed.  I laughed.  I thought that if anyone ever questioned whether Palin was destined for greater things, they would no longer think that.  However once again, Palin has invoked God’s name, suggesting that he wrote on his hand and thus she must be God-like to write on her hand.

Forget the fact that at the time Jesus lived they didn’t have sharpies, and that when they wrote, it was in cuneiform.  Maybe Palin didn’t understand the analogy made in the Bible in Isaiah 49:16.  I understand it, and God wasn’t giving a speech, he didn’t need to write three words that he needed to remember, and he wasn’t making fun of someone by suggesting that the person was somehow intellectually limited because he had to use a teleprompter.    Palin doesn’t understand the passage of the Bible quoted, and she looks stupider than ever.

How long are we willing to pretend that Palin is a celebrity worthy of our respect?  Even God would be embarrassed to save her now.

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