It’s No April Fool’s Joke: Trump Invited Putin to the White House!!!

If someone told you that Donald Trump invited Putin to visit the White House, you'd think they were telling you a pathetic April Fool's joke. Considering all that has happened, who would believe that Trump would do anything to further the impression that he's in bed with the Russians? 13 Russians have been indicted for... Continue Reading →

Even Depends Couldn’t Stop the Leaking from Trump’s White House

President Trump congratulated Putin on his recent election. John McCain spoke out condemning  this horrific congratulatory message. The reporting in The Washington Post, indicates that Trump was specifically warned by White House staff NOT to congratulate Putin on his "win".  Trump's briefing papers contained the phrase:   "DO NOT CONGRATULATE".  Any moron would realize... Continue Reading →

Financial Crimes Disqualifies for White House; Qualifies for Trump’s Re-election Campaign

In addition to Rex Tillerson, Trump's personal assistant John McEntee, has also been  axed and removed from the White House for "security reasons", according to the Wall Street Journal. McEntee immediately joined Trump's re-election campaign for 2020 as a senior adviser. A CNN reporter tweeted Tuesday that McEntee was terminated because he is under investigation for "serious... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Affair with Porn Star Was Spiritual Attempt to Tell Melania What He Liked

Meet  Paula White.  She is Donald Triump's spiritual adviser.  She was chosen by Trump to give the invocation at his inauguration. Paula is an evangelical pastor who has been photographed with the President. Don't confuse this picture of Trump and his spiritual adviser with the picture of Trump and the porn star, Stormy Danielsl, he... Continue Reading →

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