Bristol and Dakota Promote Themselves at the Expense of Las Vegas Tragedy

Violence begets violence.  When a third grader, an 8 year old boy, brings a semi-automatic gun to school to protect himself from bullies, it is clear that our society has lost sight of the fundamental abhorrence we should have for violence.  In Las Vegas, 58 people were slaughtered and 489 were injured, even though the shooter... Continue Reading →

Trump Doesn’t Promote Violence…Except When He Does!

This is the video Trump has posted on twitter: White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said last week Trump "in no way, form, or fashion has ever promoted or encouraged violence."   Most people would be smart enough not to post such a video of themselves, promoting violence, after your spokesperson made a point of... Continue Reading →

Trump and Palin are “Charlatan’s of the Highest Order”

Over a year ago the Chicago Tribune described Sarah Palin as a "charlatan of the highest order."  The description of "charlatan" seemed appropriate as a result of Palin placing blame on President Obama for Track's domestic violence.  When Track punched the mother of his child in the face and kicked her, Palin excused the violence as... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Has “Washed Her Hands” of Track, Her Small-r Republican

Radar Online reports today on an interview they conducted with Matthew Loewe, the father of Jordan Loewe.  Jordan is the unwed mother of Track's second child. She's the one who had to hide under the bed for fear that Track would beat her up, even though she was pregnant at the time with his child.... Continue Reading →

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