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Being an amputee may be frustrating,but it is never an excuse for domestic violence.  Track Palin has no excuse for punching, kicking, and scarring the new mother of his child.  Jordan Loewe was the recipient of the anger Track inflicted on her on January 18, 2016.  It is clear that Jordan is now pregnant with Sarah’s 4th or 5th grandchild.

It’s important to remember what was filed in the police report from that 9-1-1- call.

  1. The disturbance occurred at Sarah’s home.
  2. Track’s breathalizer  showed a blood alcohol level of 0.189.  That represents more than twice the legal limit in Alaska for intoxication(0.08) and more than 4 times the legal limit is the perpetrator is driving(.04).
  3. Track was described by the police officer as “uncooperative” “belligerent,” “evasive,” and angry.
  4. Track denied that a firearm had been involved.
  5. Jordan Loewe was hiding under a bed, crying, and “distraught.”
  6. Track struck Jordan with a closed fist on the left side of her face, near her eye.
  7. Track was screaming at Jordan and calling her names.
  8. Track kicked Jordan.
  9. Jordan fell to the ground in a fetal position because she “didn’t know what else he would do.”
  10. Track damaged Jordan’s cell phone, attempting to prevent her call for help.
  11. During the encounter Track pointed an assault weapon at himself, even though it was not loaded.

Track was charged with three criminal charges.  Two that related to Jordan and one that related to possession of a gun while intoxicated.  Now that the state has entered into a plea bargain the two charges involving Jordan have been dropped.  The only charge remaining is a charge of misconduct involving a weapon in the fourth degree.    Thus the state of Alaska has a vested interest in protecting Track Palin from committing violence against himself.  However the same isn’t true regarding protecting women from their male abusers.

As part of the plea deal, Track will be required to complete an “alcohol-related” treatment, but there was noticeably nothing required regarding an anger management treatment or anything related to the domestic violence charge.

Perhaps the most egregious part of the plea bargain is what will happen if Track fails to successfully complete even the “alcohol-related” treatment.  He doesn’t go to jail.  He doesn’t have the domestic violence charged reinstated.  His only penalty is a SUSPENDED sentence and INFORMAL probation.  If he complete’s the alcohol  related treatment, his record will be expunged.  That means that, like the cutting of the brake lines on school buses, it would be like it never happened.

No wonder Alaska is the rape capital of the country.  In 2013 the Alaska Dispatch reported:

“One in every four women in Alaska will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. The Alaska rape rate is 2-1/2 times the national average, and the child sexual assault rate in Alaska is close to six times the national average.

In 2007, before Sarah had resigned as Governor, the Council on Domestic Violence reported to Sarah:

“For the last 28 years, Alaska has ranked among the top five states in the nation for forcible rape; in 2006 Alaska’s rate was 76 per 100,000 – the next nearest state (Nevada) was 56 per 100,000 and the national average was 32.7 (FBI, Crime in the United States, 2006) • Bureau of Justice statistics show that Alaska led the nation in the rate of men murdering women in 2002, 2003 and 2004; Alaska fell to 2nd place in 2005 but remains at nearly twice the national average per 100,000 deaths • According to a 2006 survey by the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, 75% of Alaskans have experienced or know someone who has experienced domestic violence or sexual assault • 9.2% of students in grades 9-12 report having been physically forced to have sexual intercourse when they did not want to; 12.4% of the students said they had been hit, slapped, or physically hurt on purpose by their boyfriend or girlfriend during the past 12 months.”

Yet Sarah’s heart soars when her children engage in fighting.

When she talks about Track’s violent behavior, she blames it on President Obama.

The District Attorney for Anchorage, Clint Campion, says that Palin is not getting any special treatment by the state. “I’m not treating his case any different than I would anyone under the same charges or circumstances,” Campion said.


However Mr. Campion is the attorney responsible for bring charges against another Alaskan resident that relate to domestic violence.  Mr. Vandergriff acted in a way that was remarkable similar to Track Palin, although the woman who was the subject of his rage wasn’t pregnant.  It will be interesting watch and see if Mr. Campion treats the Vandergriff  case similar to his plea bargain with TrackPalin.

I wonder if Todd Palin will view this incident as a sign that Track is ready to follow in his father’s foot steps in the Palin family business?

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp  todd palin sunglassestrackpalin finger




trump funny face

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin addresses attendees at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tenn., Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010.  (AP Photo/Ed Reinke)

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump have demonstrated once again a willingness to use any tragedy for political purposes.  Palin did a long interview on Breitbart News, and posted a link on her Facebook page, condemning President Obama and blaming him for the terrorist attack in Orlando.  She also used this deadly attack as an excuse to condemn Paul Ryan, the leader of the Republican Party.  Donald Trump used the massacre as an example of why we should violate the U.S. Constitution and ban a religious group from the country.


It is important to realize that:

  1.  Trump and Palin have totally failed to express any sympathy for the victims and/or their families.
  2. Trump and Palin have failed to express any outrage that it was a gay bar that was targeted.
  3. Trump and Palin have failed to mention that it was an assault weapon that was used by the terrorist to kill so many so fast.
  4. Trump and Palin failed to mention that the club had an armed guard who engaged the gunman.  It was after the officer “engaged” the gunman that he took hostages.  Clearly the fact that it was an assault weapon used by the terrorist, resulted in a dramatic disadvantage for the officer attempting to protect the victims.

kevlar helmet orlando


However the most outrageously misleading suggestion by Trump and Palin is that this tragedy would not have happened if Obama had banned muslim immigrants.  The gunman in the Orlando massacre was Omar Mateen.  He was a 29-year-old security guard who was born in New York to Afghan parents.   Omar was an American citizen, BORN IN AMERICA.

Mr. Mateen was born in 1987, during the Ronald Reagan administration.

ronald reagan

If there is one President Sarah Palin has hailed as the President she most admires,it is Ronald Reagan.  Reagan served from ’81-’89.  It is not known when Omar’s parents immigrated, but it seems likely it was during the Reagan administration.  Because Omar was a 29 year old American citizen, a tighter ban on Muslim immigrants during the Obama administration would have made no difference on the ability of Omar to inflict this horrendous carnage.     Obama has called for stricter gun control laws.


Yet Palin ignores the fact that the extent of the carnage inflicted was the result of the use of an assault weapon.

Sarah Palin has marketed herself as an outspoken advocate of guns.  She was given an assault weapon by the NRA as a “tribute” to her.

palin assault weapon

Track’s recent incident of domestic violence proved that the Palins keep assault weapons in the house.  Sarah had the audacity to suggest that Track committed domestic violence as a result of PTSD, and it was Obama’s fault.  It has been shown that Track did not see combat, and instead drove a jeep. However if he had PTSD, why would his mother allow assault weapons in the house?

palin gun  palin gun shop  palin hunter

And if Palin is so concerned about her son’s well-being, maybe instead of complaining about what’s happening in Washington, she could keep an eye on the assault weapons and alcohol situation under her own roof.

Trump has been equally outspoken in his advocacy of guns.

Trump argued that the recent massacre in Paris would have “played out differentlywith the bullets flying in the other direction.”

“The right of self-defense doesn’t stop at the end of your driveway. That’s why I have a concealed carry permit and why tens of millions of Americans do too.”

Trump said there’s another way to fight crime-by empowering “law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves.”

“Opponents of gun rights try to come up with scary sounding phrases like “assault weapons”, “military-style weapons” and “high capacity magazines” to confuse people.”

“If goodpeople had guns in Paris or San Bernardino…you would have had bullets going in the opposite direction and believe me the carnage would not have been the same.” (Forbes reporting on the endorsement of Trump by the NRA)


However in his 2000 book, “The America We Deserve” Trump  said: “I support the ban on assault weapons and I support slightly longer waiting periods to purchase a gun.

Today Trump says:  “Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, …”

The only thing Trump was right about was a stricter control over assault weapons.  Sarah Palin was never right about anything.

palin neck

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palin pink gun

bristol shooting range




Immoral Minority has confirmed that Track’s girlfriend, Jordan Loewe is pregnant.

track jordan expecting

In case you were wondering, Jordan is the woman Track hit and kicked, and was so afraid that police found her hiding under a bed.  That was Jan. 20, 2016.  We knew that alcohol was involved in that evening of abuse, but we don’t know if Track was so excited about being a father that he drank too much, or if he was so horrified that he drank to console himself.  We know he drank a substantial amount at Bristol’s house before the assault.  Thank God he had a sibling to commiserate with about being an unwed parent of two or more kids, by different people.  Thank God he only hit Jordan in the head and knee and not in the abdomen.  Imagine the damage he could do to his own baby?  If Track suffers from PTSD now, imagine what having a seriously impaired child could do to his psyche.  If Track suffers from PTSD now, imagine who he might kill if he felt responsible for the in-utero death of his own child.

Now that Track is going to be a dad again, we can only hope there will be a custody agreement, rather than another suit.  I know Sarah keeps Tiemessen on retainer, but he’ll surely charge more give all the custody battles!

Whether it is a boy or girl, I hope the child isn’t afraid to fight.  The Palin family seems to be unable to win a fight.

palin family brawl

I hope the baby stays away from snowmobiles.

todd at home after injuries

When Track got married after he got another girl pregnant, Sarah said they were going to have a big party…later.  Thank heavens that they haven’t had that party yet.  Maybe they can have a party when the baby is born.  Instead of wedding celebrations, the Palins could have baby birthing celebrations.

Congrats to the proud grandparents!



Azealia Banks crossed the line.  She wished Sarah Palin would be gang raped. Regardless of how many horrible things Sarah Palin has said or done, hoping that she’d be gang raped is beyond anything anyone should wish on anyone.
Sarah retaliated with a Facebook comment, posted just a few minutes ago:
“Hey Female Rapper …In this life, you’re blessed to have been given an influential platform. So have I. Why don’t we strengthen both our platforms and work together on something worthwhile – like condemning racism, along with empowering young women to defend themselves against a most misogynist, degrading, devastating assault perpetrated by evil men – rape….”

While we can all agree that Ms. Banks went too far, consider the positions that Sarah Palin has taken that might cause someone to believe that Palin is a racist, condones misogynists, and protects men who rape.

  1. While mayor of Wasilla Palin protected rapists by making victims pay for their rape exam kits.
  2. Palin has endorsed and campaigned for Trump who is a misogynist and rapist.

3.  Palin defended her son after brutally assaulting his girlfriend.

4.  Sarah’s husband Todd  has been demeaning toward women, and took advantage of a woman who couldn’t defend herself.

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

5.  Sarah has advocated torture.

6.  She is a racist.   Who could forget her comment about “Sambo beating the bitch.” 

7.  Sarah campaigns for Trump who is the worst kind of racist.

a. He advocated Muslims have to wear badges.

b.  He has indicated that Mexicans are rapists.

c.  He has a history of demanding the removal of any black  person from Trump Tower before his entrance.  He was also sued  in 1973  for being unwilling to rent to blacks.

d.  Trump wouldn’t reject the endorsement of David Duke, the head of the KKK.

In spite of the long history Palin has with racism and being herself a misogynist, there is no excuse for advocating the gang rape of her.  This is just one more example of the violence that people like Palin and Trump inspire.



judge sarah gif


Sarah Palin is pitching a new television show featuring HERSELF as a Judge.  Of course she has no law degree and no legal background.  Her only experience with the law comes from first hand criminal acts of she and her family and the domestic violence and custody matters involving her family.  Her only experience seems to be the involvement of her family in court.  There have been domestic disputes involving her children, avoiding drug charges, prostitution charges, assault charges, and burglary charges against Todd’s sister. Let me give a few examples:

  1.  Criminal charges against Todd for working as a pimp.

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

2.  Drug charges against Todd and Sarah, including snorting cocaine.

joe mcginnis book

3.There was the Palin family brawl involving assault claims against Track and Bristol.

  bristol cameo see through

4.  Drug charges against Bristol.

5.  Trespass and destruction of property by Willow and Track.

6.  Burglary and child endangerment of Todd’s sister resulting from a drug problem.

diana palin

Then there are multiple examples of child custody matters and domestic violence.

  1.  Most recently, there is the pending assault charges involving Track hitting and kicking his girl friend, and threatening suicide.

2. There has been the seven year battle between Bristol and Levi relating to custody of Tripp.  You remember, the one Bristol recently lost.

judge sarah

3.  There is the custody battle between Bristol and Dakota.  You remember, the one Bristol recently lost.

4.  There is the recent custody proceeding brought by Britta Hanson, asking that Track be limited to visiting Kyla Grace four days a month, and never overnight.  You remember, the on Track recently lost.


britta baby shower

Then of course Sarah has experience with divorce.

  1.  Track divorced.
  2. Bristol divorced, at least she had a trial divorce from Gino, after their “trial marriage.”
  3. Sarah sister Molly divorced, and was involved in a bitter custody dispute with that notorious trooper, Mike Wooten.

palin wooten

4.  Todd’s parents divorced.

5.  Todd’s brother James divorced.

6.  Todd’s sister Diana divorced.

7.  Sarah’s brother Chuck Jr. is divorced.

8.  There were rumors of a divorce between Sarah and Todd.

Perhaps Sarah could sell herself as a Judge for the television show by highlighting her vast personal experience, through her family, with the Courts.  “WWJSD” could be the title for the show, and she has enough relatives going to court that every week could feature another member of the Palin Clan in trouble with the law.

Potential advertisers for the new show would be:

  1.  Assault weapon manufacturers.

palin pink gun

2.  Makers of Frozen Pie Dough.

palin shoulderless pie  frozen pie crust

3.  Woolite Delicate.

woolite delicates  palin panties

4.  Laughing Husky Dog Sleds.

palin sunglasses three dog sled     palin crash

5.  Fake form falsies.

foam breasts  palin flat  palin no boobs

palin pink shirt new york               April 26, 2013: Sarah Palin addresses The Women's Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada at The Rio All Suite Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mandatory Credit: Ref: infusny-244|sp|

6.  Tanning oil.

palin tan hand

How could the Palin family lose with a show like this?

judge sarah two

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