Trump Picks Pence; So Sorry Sarah!

Donald Trump has announced his choice of Mike Pence as his running mate.  It's not clear if Trump read Sarah's e-mail before his selection. Trump has not disclosed the reason he picked Pence.  Speculation is running rampant!  Possible motivations include:  His fingers don't appear to be any larger than the Donald's.   2.  Pence, like... Continue Reading →

E-Mail From Sarah Palin to Donald Trump: Only You Can Prevent Fires

Sarah Palin didn't really send this e-mail.  I can only speculate about what an e-mail might look like when Sarah finds out she isn't even slotted to appear at the Republican Convention. *******************************************************   To: The Donald From:  The Quitter Subject:  Only You Can Prevent Fires Do you know who I am?  Do you want... Continue Reading →

Trump to Announce VP by Friday

Trump has announced he'll choose his running mate by Friday.  Normally such an announcement is made at the GOP convention.  Some speculate that Trump decided to announce his pick early in hopes that more people would come to the convention to see the Vice President nominee, since they won't come to see Trump.   

Trump Alienates the Few Republicans Left Supporting Him!

For awhile we've thought Trump was considering Palin for his V.P.  Perhaps he realized that it just wouldn't work to have the President and Vice President giving speeches nobody could understand?  Maybe he was just concerned that he might lose the women's vote if the Presidential candidate was a rapist, and the VP was married... Continue Reading →

Chris Christie is Trump’s Sarah Palin

It looks like Trump is vetting Chris Christie to be his Vice Presidential running mate.       This video give you an idea of the respect, or lack thereof, that Trump has for Christie.   Sarah Palin seems to lack any respect for Christie as well.  

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