Trump Proves He’s Mentally Unfit by Saying He Is a “Stable Genius”

 If I told you Donald Trump described himself as a "stable genius" you might laugh, but you wouldn't believe me.  Even if a person believed that they were a stable genius, they would realize how insane it would sound to describe themself that way.  Yet, Donald Trump has done so in a Tweet.  We've suspected... Continue Reading →

The 25th Amendment is Trump’s Kryptonite

The search term "25th Amendment" spiked in popularity after President Donald Trump took office. After the assassination of JFK, the 25th Amendment was enacted. That happened in 1967.  Before the passage of the 25th Amendment the Vice President didn't officially have the power to take over as President. The 25th Amendment states that if the... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin’s New Reality Show: “Black is the New White”

For some time many readers have declared that Sarah Palin is delusional.  Sarah has suggested that she is often a victim of the "lamestream" media taking her words out of context.  Thus to be fair, here is the entire Facebook  post of Sarah Palin: So Hillary's campaign stylist apparently leaked to the NYT she wore... Continue Reading →

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