#Fucking Republicans

Imagine a country when the title to an article about the President of the country was so offensive that a Warning had to be provided. Everyone remembers this video because of Trump's admission that he grabbed a woman by the "pussy."  However he also said "I tried to fuck her."  He was talking about "fucking"... Continue Reading →

Trump Conflicted About Killing Triceratops!

The fact that Donald Trump's sons have slaughtered animals in Africa is so common knowledge that it has become the subject of humorous media coverage.  IT was reported that his son killed a triceratops. It was also reported that Don Jr.  took his son to the National Zoo to kill his first big game, a... Continue Reading →

Trump’s 30 Year History With Russia-Insight Into the Making of a President

Since first launched in February 2017, the Trump-Russia Timeline has grown to more than 600 entries.  The amazing thing is not the number of Trump's contacts with Russia.  The amazing thing is that Trump and staff have repeatedly denied connections to Russia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfsd6uW-D0I The truth is that Trump haad contacts with Russia for 30 years! ... Continue Reading →

Which of the Liars is Telling the Truth? Trump or Papadopoulos?

It's easy enough when you're the President of the United States to assert that the media is reporting "fake news".  When the President of the United States denies that something is true, who could be more credible than the President?  However when the President is Donald Trump, credibility may be in question.  When one of... Continue Reading →

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