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Some previous posts on this blog have focused on my perception of Sarah Palin’s inappropriate parenting of children, particularly Trigg.  As a mother, I felt that most mothers would agree with me that the late night at the Republican National Convention was not the appropriate environment for a baby.  It also bothers me that Trigg is dragged around in the bus and outdoors with only pajamas on, at times with no pants, and regularly without a coat or socks and shoes.  Rarely have we seen him wearing his glasses.  I further made the observation that Sarah has repeatedly taken her school-age kids out of school for book signings, TV interviews and vacations to Hawaii.

Some Palin fans disagreed with me and were critical.  Critics suggested that it was inappropriate for me to suggest that a baby might need a regular schedule, a crib to sleep in and that perhaps traveling regularly was not in the best interest of a baby.  It’s funny to think that someone in the Palin family agrees with me!  Bristol Palin, in papers filed with the Superior Court of Alaska in her custody battle seeking sole custody of her son Tripp, suggested that it is important for a parent to:

  1. “Maintain a regular schedule” (pg. 2)
  2. “Provide a safe household for the child” (pg. 2)
  3. “Provide competent care or ensure continuity of care” (pg. 2)
  4. “Maintain a regular work schedule so that the domestic life won’t be too unstable for the child” (pg. 2)

According to Bristol, or her attorney, a parent should not have sole custody of a small child if s/he “travels too much” (pg. 4). She asserts that Levi is not “mature enough” (pg. 4) to take on significant parental responsibilities.  Bristol cites the fact that Levi has traveled to two states, New York and Los Angeles, and indicates that “long weeks of travel are not in the best interests of the child” (pg. 7).

It seems Sarah was traveling to at least 20 states on her book tour and Trig made his appearance at all of them.  Maybe in the future I can avoid the criticism of supporters of Palin by simply citing the pleadings of Bristol in her custody suit.  Surely if it is in the best interest of Sarah’s grandchild to have a stable home environment, it is also in the best interest of Sarah’s own baby. …Oh, wait a minute, Sarah’s baby is a “special needs child” and Bristol’s baby Tripp is a “normal” child.  Does this mean that “special needs children” have special needs that do not include those of a “normal” child?

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