Donald Trump, the Hurricane Narcissist, Positioned to Make Money Off Hurricane

Headlines from around the world seem to indicate something Donald Trump refuses to acknowledge. Climate scientists have confirmed that climate change made hurricanes like  Harvey and Irma worse storms than they would have been. Because of long-term warming trends, the ocean is warmer, creating more energy for a hurricane to tap. The atmosphere is warmer too, sending more... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Ivanka’s Destructive Force is Unmistakable

Ivanka Trump isn't always with her children doing motherly things, and she hasn't always looked the way she does today. Something else has changed about Ivanka.  She has previously indicated that she planned to  use her position to advocate against policies that exacerbate climate change.  However it seems that in the Trump family things don't always... Continue Reading →

Nothing says “Disaster” Like Snake Skin Stiletto Heels

"Catastrophic" is the word that is being used most often to describe the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.  The National Weather Service announced Tuesday  that the all-time record for total rainfall from a tropical system in the U.S. was broken in Cedar Bayou, Texas -- about 30 miles from downtown Houston -- at 51.88 inches.... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump Is the Greatest Threat to America in 60 Years

I turn 60 this year.  During my life-time American Presidents have included Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, G.W. Bush, Obama and Trump.  With the exception of Reagan and Bush, and the Vice President taking office after the killing or resignation of a sitting President, we have seen the country turn... Continue Reading →

Jordan Edwards Didn’t Merit a Tweet from the President!

Donald Trump, our President, dedicates himself to all-things Trump.  For the last several days he has devoted substantial time, and Twitter space to exchanging insults with Morning Joe and Mika.  The tragedy of Trump's inability to focus on anything other than himself is best illustrated by his total silence about the murder of Jordan Edwards... Continue Reading →

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