Shut-Up Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has established a new low for politicians, even though she no longer holds any political office. We knew she gave the keynote address to the Tea Party Convention in Tennessee for which she was paid $100,000.00.  We knew that even Michele Bachmann, the pillar of conservative morality, withdrew from participating in the convention... Continue Reading →

That “Hopey-Changey Thing” is Looking Pretty Good

At the Tea Party Convention Sarah Palin mocked the President of our Country, asking how that “hopey-changey thing is working out for ya?”  Today after the United States House of Representatives passed health care reform, I would answer Palin by telling her that it’s looking pretty good to me!  In the election of 2008, 69,456,897... Continue Reading →

Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell that Even Some Republicans Are in Favor of Civil Rights.

Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell That Even Some Well Known Republicans Are in Favor of Civil Rights. What is a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent? The truth is that we declare the party with which we are aligned when we register to vote, and may never again change our “party affiliation”. Certain issues may cause us... Continue Reading →

Palin Lies Over and Over Again

Sarah Palin inspired me to write the book “Rebuttal to the Rogue”, because she seems to have no problem being “casual about the truth”.  Examples in the book included 1) her statement that she did not favor earmarks, even though she hired a lobbyist for Wasilla and accepted over $100,000,000.00 for the state of Alaska,... Continue Reading →

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