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It was November 30th that Sarah Palin was reported to have been asking the Trump team to appoint her to be Secretary of Veteran Affairs. Just a couple of days later, on December 2nd Palin was reported to have attacked Trump for his deal with Carrier as an example of  “crony capitalism.” Certainly that would suggest that the Trump team may have told Sarah , not NO, but HELL NO!  That would explain Palin’s willingness to attack Trump, after previously attempting to support Trump, even though she appeared to be speaking a foreign language.

It appears American veterans aren’t happy with even the possibility that Trump would consider appointing Palin as Secretary of Veterans affairs.  From jobs to health care to finding homes and the ongoing problem of veterans’ suicides, Veterans seem to be in need of a serious leader to help them find solutions.  They need someone who knows and understands the problems that our vets are facing.

Initially veterans came together to demand an apology from Trump as a result of his insults toward the parents of a Muslim-American soldie who was killed in action, giving his life to protect his fellow soldiers.

Now, vets have come together to protest the potential appointment of Sarah Palin as the Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs.  Veterans were reportedly horrified at the prospect that Palin might be chosen to represent their interests.



Citing her lack of military service and general dearth of qualifications, veterans took to social media to express their displeasure with Trump’s potential choice.

Sarah Palin is a supremely terrible pick for the Veterans Affairs Secretary. Being the furthest thing you could be from either a veteran or a doctor, she would be in charge of an intricate healthcare system in desperate need of reform and 300,000 employees. Here are just a few examples of comments from Vets to describe what an unmitigated disaster Sarah Palin would be a the Secretary of Veteran Affairs:



If Sarah Palin gets the job to head the VA, us Veterans are Fucked! She can’t even run water!

Sarah Palin over the VA just let’s me know Trump gives two fucks about veterans. Like the many times he disrespected us during his campaign

In 2014 an average of 20 Veterans committed suicide every day.  Imagine  the mass suicides that might result if vets felt Sarah Palin was their only hope towards having a better life!  Imagine the mass suicides that might result if Veterans felt the President of the United States was so unconcerned with helping them that he would appoint somebody so ignorant and inexperienced as Sarah Palin.



Sarah Palin explained that her son beat and kicked his girlfriend due to PTSD.  Never mind that Track had a drug problem before going to war.  Never mind that Track has been home from service for over 5 years.  Never mind that his father and role model is a pimp.

todd sunglasses

05_Flatbed_WEB - JANUARY Original Filename: enquirer_spread.jpgvia Flatbed Web

05_Flatbed_WEB – JANUARY Original Filename: enquirer_spread.jpgvia Flatbed Web

Never mind that his mother has explained that “Boys will be boys.”

boys will be boys

Nevermind that Track had just come from Bristol’s house where he got drunk.  Maybe Bristol’s best friend Marina was there.

bristol and marina kissing

Maybe that helped define Track’s views of women.

When Sarah referenced the “elephant in the room” she wasn’t talking about the GOP elephant.

trump elephant

She wasn’t talking about these.

elephan two

elephant funny

She was talking about Track’s abuse of women, his substance abuse problem, his dangerous threats with guns, and the fact that his parents didn’t care enough about him to go home to help.  Instead she blamed his problems, and violence, on President Obama, and suggested that Track was suffering from PTSD.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Veterans, of both political parties, took offense at Palin’s remarks.

If you think Sarah was genuinely concerned that Track was suffering from PTSD, listen again to her remarks.  When endorsing Trump she spoke with venom in her voice.  She was in attack mode.  As she explained the “ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM” it was clear.  Her tone didn’t change.  She didn’t get choked up when talking about the tragic problems that occurred in her home, with her oldest son.  There was no grief, no emotion, no sorrow, and no sympathy expressed for Track or any soldiers suffering from PTSD.  It was simply another opportunity to attack Obama.

palin pit bull

Not only was Sarah Palin telling lies about Track suffering from PTSD, but she was also telling a bigger lie about Obama not trying to help soldiers who suffer from PTSD.  It was Senate Republicans who withdrew funding for our soldiers.

Veterans have a 50% higher rate of suicide than the general population.  Instead of using this opportunity to focus attention on that problem Palin attacked Obama.  Every 9 seconds in America, a woman is assaulted or beaten.  Instead of using this opportunity to focus attention on this tragic problem for women in America, Sarah Palin chose to announce her support for Donald Trump, one of the great misogynists of our time.

trump elephant cartoon






dakotameyer baby gun

Dakota Meyer’s lack of humility and self-awareness are obvious to even a casual observer. It is not surprising that Sarah and Dakota found that they have a lot in common.

Sarah Palin unabashedly lectures on topics about which she knows nothing. Who could forget her lecturing on how to solve the Deep Water Horizon spill in the Gulf?

She lectured at CSU Stanislaus and talked about Ronald Reagan, as if she knew much about him and his college education in Eureka California. She showed her arrogance, and total lack of intelligence when she purported to know that Reagan attended college in California. Palin said:
“… This is Reagan country and (applause), YEAH! And perhaps it was destiny that the man who went to California’s Eureka College would become so woven within and inter-linked to the Golden State.”
Of course a 30 second search on the internet related to Ronald Reagan would tell you that Reagan attended Eureka College in ILLINOIS, not California. In fact there isn’t even a Eureka College in California.
Sarah Palin spoke about Paul Revere’s famous ride when she obviously didn’t know who he was or why he was famous.

It seems Dakota Meyer shares a trait with Sarah Pain: a total lack of self awareness. Meyer seems to feel totally comfortable lecturing on topics about which he knows nothing. Earlier this month he lectured to more than 200 service men on the topic of transitioning into the civilian world. Until he came home and received the medal of honor, what he seemed to know about was defying orders.
While he may have demonstrated bravery in battle it was occasioned by his direct defiance of orders. The people he saved owe their lives to Dakota. However it is amazing that the Military would choose to honor this soldier for doing that which is the most important part of the military code.

dakota meyer sword

This is a man who attempted suicide in his transition into the civilian world.
While we are all sympathetic to the stress experienced by Dakota upon his return to civilian life, it is clear that he was not well. Since Dakota has returned to civilian life he has written a book that was made possible because of his celebrity status as a Medal of Honor Recipient. He doesn’t have a regular job. He travels around lecturing on things about which he knows nothing. The 200 soldiers listening to his lecture weren’t medal of honor recipients. They have to find real jobs, and struggle with real world problems. They couldn’t afford to give their fiancée a huge rock,

bristol's ring close up

and they couldn’t find a mother-in-law like Sarah Palin to buy the rock for her own daughter.

Fake it till you make it
should have been the title of Dakota’s speech.

Trig would have enjoyed his talk.

Sarah Palin has established herself as uninterested in school work, and evidently that same character trait translates into being uninterested in doing research on fundraisers she is agreeable to doing.  As long as the “charity” is willing to pay her fee, it seems it doesn’t matter how honest or truthful they are.  If they can pay her fee, Palin will evidently appear.  Palin is scheduled to speak at fundraiser in Dallas on April 26th.  Even though the fundraiser is advertised on a web site called Palin4Life, proceeds (I am sure AFTER Palin’s fees and expenses) from the event are purportedly going to be donated to establish the Uptown Women’s Center, which is to be a satellite location for the Downtown Pregnancy Center. Do not be fooled by these innocuous sounding names. These are not medical clinics; in fact, there is not a single doctor listed as part of the staff at the Downtown Pregnancy Center.  Despite Downtown Pregnancy Center’s claim of providing, “real answers for life’s questions” by “empowering women through knowledge” the center actually imparts misinformation, distorts facts,  and is blatantly untruthful regarding information it provides relating to abortion, the types available, the abortion procedures, and possible risks associated with an abortion. The Downtown Pregnancy Center will not even provide its patients with the names of any clinics that perform abortions, even if a patient asks for this information.

On the website for the center,, the medication Plan B, also known as the morning after pill, is listed as a “chemical abortion”. This is patently false. Plan B is an emergency contraceptive that prevents implantation, but will not terminate an existing pregnancy. As explicitly stated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “Plan B is emergency contraception, a backup method to birth control… Plan B works like other birth control pills to prevent implantation.  If a fertilized egg is implanted prior to taking Plan B, Plan B will not work”. ( To refer to Plan B as a “chemical abortion” is deceitful and dishonest.

The Downtown Pregnancy Center claims that women who obtain abortions face an increased risk of drug and alcohol abuse, suicide and breast cancer. These are yet more distortions and lies. Harvard and Oxford University studies have found that abortions do not increase a woman’s chance for developing breast cancer.  (,

The American Cancer Society and the U.S. National Cancer Institute affirm the results of the studies. ( The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has noted that the suicide rate among women has decreased since the passage of Roe v. Wade and a 2008 study by the American Psychological Association found that abortion poses no threat to a woman’s mental health. (

It is clear the Downtown Pregnancy Center shares Palin’s penchant for falsehoods and fabrications and like Palin, this center is not focused on helping women. This center’s aim is to proselytize and coerce often scared and confused women into going through with unwanted pregnancies irrespective of the circumstances surrounding the pregnancies (rape, incest) and the financial implications for the women.

Because Palin has celebrity status, thousands of women look to her for information and as a role model.  It is criminal that Palin uses her celebrity status to impact the lives of so many young women with false and misleading information.  It is even worse that Palin justifies all she does by suggesting that it was God’s plan.  I am not familiar with any religion that intentionally tells its followers lies, and then expects its people to act based upon those lies.

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