We May Be Tired of the Russia Investigation, But Mueller IS NOT!

It's been over a year since we've heard about Trump's ties to Russia.  For anyone interested here is a revealing time line of Russia related events. Here is a summary of more recent developments, in case it was hard to keep up.  Special counsel Robert Mueller is now working with New York Attorney General Eric... Continue Reading →

Trump is No Match for Robert Mueller

For months we have speculated about the investigation of Robert Mueller into the Trump-Russia connection.  For months journalists have feared that Trump might attempt to interfere with the investigation by firing Mueller.  However today it is clear that Trump is no match for Robert Mueller.  Robert Mueller has obviously dealt with criminals of Trump's caliber... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Paranoia Persists

It seems the paranoia of President Trump extends beyond the notion that President Obama wiretapped his home.  Sean Spicer give voice to the President's perception that people are out to get him. Deep states, as seen in countries like Egypt and Turkey, are "shadowy networks within government bureaucracies [that] undermine and coerce elected governments." The... Continue Reading →

Trump Distinguishes Himself as the Worst President in History!

  It's been only a month since Trump's inauguration. Melania's face during the inauguration changed almost as fast as the American public's perception Trump. Trump's job approval rating are breaking records.  According to a Gallup poll over the weekend, Trump's 40 percent job approval is 21 points below the historic average for elected presidents around... Continue Reading →

The Wall Trump Should Build is Between Church and State!

At the very heart of the creation of the United States of America is the notion that there should be separation of church and state.  It was a concept that was designed to PROTECT Christianity, rather than to destroy it.  In the Revolutionary era the lessons of history convinced Americans that the Christian religion would... Continue Reading →

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