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The following e-mail is what I imagine Sarah Palin would say to Dakota Meyer if she were able to communicate with him.  It is certainly possible that she is semi-comatose after hearing Dakota attacking Donald Trump for disparaging our troops and for suggesting that all Muslims should be ban from America.  Make no mistake.  This is NOT real. It is no more real than the statement that Melania Trump graduated from college, or that Donald Trump sacrificed for America.


To: Dick Meyer

From:  Governor of Alaska, Vice President Elect, Alaska Beauty Queen-to-Be, Fox News Contributor, Blueberry Pie Maker, Martial Arts Expert

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Re:  I want my ring back!

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Hey Dick,

I know the lamestream media is reporting that you said hateful things about Donald Trump,  are you such a retard that you didn’t realize that I endorsed Trump so I know the media is biased and I know that can’t be true that you said that but if it is then you deserve to rot in hell because rock in rollers are holy rollers so I want my ring back and all of them and you should beware of fires because I’m reloading right now so don’t get your panties in a wad stay away from shooting ranges carry a big stick and it’s gotta be all about  how you think I could continue to support you and Bristol and Tripp and Trig and Sailor and the one in the oven if I can’t remain relevant  so think about the fact that Todd is feeling better and you should pay attention because he was on Stars N Stripes, and he knows how to use a gun, it’s hunting season in Alaska, he knows where you live, your North Korean allies can’t help you and the police can’t help you but they will refudiate you I know you aren’t really Sailor’s dad, waterboarding is a form of baptism, Paul Revere is dead so he can’t warn you that anybody is coming, you deserve whatever comes your way because you rescued the Muslims that were fighting with you who were not right-wignin, bitter-clingin, defenders of our  God, our guns, and our Constitution,  Tripp knows how to use a gun, Bristol knows how to use a gun, Track has a gun and is shopping for ammunition, I know you think Obama is your friend because he gave you a necklace and a beer but he doesn’t have the cajones to keep Muslims out of this country, Trump not only has big fingers but also the cajones to say what we patriotic Americans believe, which is that we won’t give up our Second Amendment rights, and we will make America great again by banning anyone who doesn’t share our Christian values, Bristol doesn’t need you as she has a good job with Dr. Jack-Me-Off, I won’t give you my recipe for moose chili, I won’t invite you on our next family vacation, family is supposed to be off limits and that includes you so the next time you target me for a blood libel think about the squirmishes I’ve had with a variety of people and if you misunderestimate me because I love the smell of boiled bear heads I’ll have my friend Ronald Regan speak on my behalf and the status quo has got to go because we love our freedom and we have the common sense to fight back and I talk to God and he doesn’t like Muslims either.


P.S.  Drill Baby Drill

P.S.S.  It was Obama’s fault

This is the father of the vet killed in action who save the lives of the soldiers under his command.   Khizr Khan explained that as a father he’d made the ultimate sacrifice.  Donald Trump has not had to pay for his freedom.  Mr. Khan offered to allow Trump to borrow his copy of the Constitution.

Mr. Khan explained that “You have not sacrificed anything.”

Donald Trump responded with the assertion that he had in fact made sacrificed himself by employing “thousands and thousands of people.” He also suggested that Khan’s wife didn’t speak because she was forbidden to as a Muslim and questioned whether Khan’s words were his own.

Trump also took to twitter, showing off his Presidential demeanor, saying:

This response of Trump is the most offensive statement yet.  To compare working to make his fortune to the sacrifice of losing a child is the most outrageous, sickening,heartless thing Trump has ever said.  I can not imagine the pain a parent experiences when they have to bury a child.  Trump’s insensitivity to this pain is simply unforgivable.



Remember when Trump attacked McCain suggesting that he liked people who weren’t captured?

McCain is now speaking out about his disgust for what Trump said about this fallen soldier.  He said:

“Arizona is watching,” McCain said in the statement. “It is time for Donald Trump to set the example for our country and the future of the Republican Party. While our Party has bestowed upon him the nomination, it is not accompanied by unfettered license to defame those who are the best among us.”

So here’s the question.  How can Sarah justify her support of Trump when both McCain and her son-in-law have spoken out against this heartless response of Trump?


Moreover, it is outrageous that Trump would attack the mother of the soldier for not speaking at the DNC because she knew she would cry.

muslim father at cemetary



“Yes Sir!” Dakota Meyer, Bristol’s husband, and Medal of Honor winner, seems to be enamored with guns and “kick ass gear.”  It’s as if he still feels he is a soldier still at war.  Is he fearful of his in-laws?
palin gun sightdakota meyer swordtodd palin sunglasses
Does he feel he needs protection from his wife?
bristol gunbristol shooting range
On June 25th, shortly after returning from his honeymoon,  Dakota Meyer featured a picture and link in Facebook post to a “survival gear” site.
dakota meyer kick ass gear
When you click on the picture you go to this site.

It’s a site that sells monthly “KICK ASS GEAR” designed by special ops soldiers that would help any soldier during combat.  They ship “Special Operations tested and hand picked gear straight to your door step.”  For example the tools featured in Dakota’s picture include a “handcuff shim” and tool to pick a lock.  While these tools might be handy to have if you were a soldier in Afghanistan, or a tourist planning to travel to North Korea, or a member of a Colombia drug cartel, it seems bizarre for the average American to feel a need for such tools.  In fact, these are the type of tools that would be particularly useful to a criminal  who was planning to break into a house, or remove handcuffs used by police to make an arrest after the burglary.  It’s like feeling a need to own an assault weapon. “Why?”  It’s the criminals in our society that would have a real use for these tools.  Even if the average Joe owned them, what are the chances that he’d have access to these tools if he were ever taken prisoner?  If you keep these tools in your wallet, would you ask your abductor to let you get your tools out of your wallet before he restrained you?  Most people who own an assault weapon wouldn’t take it with them when they went out to a bar…like the Pulse!

dakota meyer hostage escape card

Moreover when weapons and tools like this are owned by civilians, who is most likely to be injured by the weapons?


dakota meyer gun baby


A gun is a necessity. Who knows if you’re walking down a street and you spot a moose?” Pat Paulsen

READYMAN Hostage Escape Card

palin cpac black lace heels

Nobody disputes the fact that Sarah Palin tells lies. We’ve heard her lies since the moment she hit the national stage. In fact she lies about things that are not subject to debate, like the written findings of the legislative committee that investigated her wrongdoing in the Troopergate matter.

palin lies one

palin lies two

The amazing this is that she feels so comfortable telling lies that when given a chance to explain her lies or misunderstanding, she refuses to comment. It’s sort of silly to blame the “liberal media” for reporting the news, when they report on a lie Palin told and they give her a chance to explain, and she refuses.

palin idiot

We have already seen the evidence that she lied in her CPAC speech about the incidence of suicides for those soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Washington Post gives her a “three Pinocchio’s” for the lies she told in the same speech regarding the length of time soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan were deployed. Palin treated “deployment” time as the same as “enlistment” time which is fundamentally wrong. Moreover soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars enlisted as compared to other wars where soldiers may have been drafted.
The really amazing thing is that only Sarah Palin would lie about something as uncontroversial as the importance of the military. Regardless of the length of service, we are all indebted to the military. Regardless of the number of soldier who have committed suicide, the loss of life of any soldier is tragic. By exaggerating and lying about the facts of the service of the military, Sarah belittles the service and sacrifice of those who serve. Shame on you Sarah Palin.


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