Widow Confirms Trump is a Heartless, Pathetic, Excuse for a President

A person running for the highest office in the land has to be over the age of 35, and be a natural born citizen.  The constitution has no requirement that the person running be educated, sensitive, use good judgment, or even be mentally competent to serve.    Donald Trump has served as an example that... Continue Reading →

E-Mail From Sarah Palin to Dakota Meyer: I Want My Ring Back!

  The following e-mail is what I imagine Sarah Palin would say to Dakota Meyer if she were able to communicate with him.  It is certainly possible that she is semi-comatose after hearing Dakota attacking Donald Trump for disparaging our troops and for suggesting that all Muslims should be ban from America.  Make no mistake. ... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump Plummets to a New Low as He Insults the Father of a Fallen Soldier!

This is the father of the vet killed in action who save the lives of the soldiers under his command.   Khizr Khan explained that as a father he'd made the ultimate sacrifice.  Donald Trump has not had to pay for his freedom.  Mr. Khan offered to allow Trump to borrow his copy of the... Continue Reading →

Does Dakota Meyer Need “Kick Ass Gear” Now That He’s Married?

"Yes Sir!" Dakota Meyer, Bristol's husband, and Medal of Honor winner, seems to be enamored with guns and "kick ass gear."  It's as if he still feels he is a soldier still at war.  Is he fearful of his in-laws? Does he feel he needs protection from his wife? On June 25th, shortly after returning... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Won’t Explain Her Lies

Nobody disputes the fact that Sarah Palin tells lies. We’ve heard her lies since the moment she hit the national stage. In fact she lies about things that are not subject to debate, like the written findings of the legislative committee that investigated her wrongdoing in the Troopergate matter. The amazing this is that she... Continue Reading →

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