Palin and Trump are Conspicuously Quiet on UN Sex Scandal

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are unafraid to play the role of attack dogs.  They have each frequently expressed outrage on topics they know nothing about.  Palin has been quick to condemn the United Nations when it helped create the appearance that she was acting for religious reasons. "Palin’s threat to punish the UN for... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump Should Be Locked Up

During his campaign, Donald Trump agreed that Hillary Clinton should be "locked up" for handling classified material on a private e-mail server.  FBI Director, James Comey, said Clinton's actions, while careless, "didn't amount to a crime."  A complete evaluation of the e-mail server issue indicated a "less a sinister" but "carefully calculated effort to avoid... Continue Reading →

10th Woman Speaks Out About Inappropriate Touching; Sarah Palin Silent

A 10th woman has gone public with accusations against Trump.  Sarah Palin remains silent about the outrageous behavior of the man she's endorsing for President. Herman Cain had fewer accusers than Trump, but Sarah Palin spoke out about his indiscretions.   She said: "character counts".  She explained that "boys will be boys but they shouldn't run... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin’s Ignorance, Racism, and Sexist Attitudes Obvious from a Single Post

The fact that Sarah Palin is a bigot, ignorant, or destructive to women is indisputable.  For six years this blog has been dedicated to the documentation of her ignorance, bigotry and the multitude of things she has said and done that were contrary to the best interest of women.  From her requirement of rape victims... Continue Reading →

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