Rolling Stone Reports Porn Star Says of Trump: “Wow What a Dick”

 With a wife like Melania Trump, it is not hard to believe that Donald Trump has had sex with porn stars. What's hard to believe is that anyone would NOT realize that Trump was repeatedly involved with pornography. Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal reported that Stormy Daniels, a porn star, was paid $130,000 to keep... Continue Reading →

Bristol Pretends to be a Victim While Selling Sex With Mom!

Trying to take advantage of the public outrage over multiple men who have committed egregious acts of sexual harassment in the workplace or as elected officials, Bristol has suggested that she and her "entire family" were also victims of sexual harassment.  In support of her assertion she cited (1) Chris Wallace, simply making an inappropriate reference... Continue Reading →

Palin and Trump are Conspicuously Quiet on UN Sex Scandal

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are unafraid to play the role of attack dogs.  They have each frequently expressed outrage on topics they know nothing about.  Palin has been quick to condemn the United Nations when it helped create the appearance that she was acting for religious reasons. "Palin’s threat to punish the UN for... Continue Reading →

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