Trump’s Retreat From World Leadership Emboldens Russia As Trump moves closer to replacing Rex  Tillerson as Secretary of State,  the implications of Trump's damage to U.S. foreign relations seems unequivocal. Trump has been responsible for a budget that would add 1 TRILLION DOLLARS TO THE DEFICIT.  Yet the federal budget includes "broad and deep" spending cuts in foreign aid.  Senators, both... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Forgot that We Hadn’t Forgotten

As if Sarah Palin is a financial conservative, she tweeted yesterday  "Thank you Secretary".  The Secretary she was making reference to was Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Devos and her family are "multi-billionaires."   /the family has contributed over $200 MILLION DOLLARS to the Republican Party.  Betsy's father, the founder of Amway, plead guilty to a criminal tax... Continue Reading →

Secretary of Health and Human Services Adds To His Definition to the “Greatest Threat”

Donald Trump appointed Tom Price as his Secretary of Health and Human Services in November, before his inauguration.  That appointment was not too surprising in light of Price's endorsement of Trump during the campaign.  In 2016 Price said:  Donald Trump is "absolutely" qualified for the presidency, "there's no doubt about that at this point." "If... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin is Still On the List for a Brain Transplant

Sarah Palin is so stupid she ...just inspired the slogan  "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." ...if she spoke her mind, she'd be speechless. ...she stares at frozen juice cans because they say, "concentrate". ...she got the brain transplant she'd been waiting for but her body rejected the brain. ...ordinarily people live and... Continue Reading →

Trump Distinguishes Himself as the Worst President in History!

  It's been only a month since Trump's inauguration. Melania's face during the inauguration changed almost as fast as the American public's perception Trump. Trump's job approval rating are breaking records.  According to a Gallup poll over the weekend, Trump's 40 percent job approval is 21 points below the historic average for elected presidents around... Continue Reading →

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