#Fucking Republicans

Imagine a country when the title to an article about the President of the country was so offensive that a Warning had to be provided. Everyone remembers this video because of Trump's admission that he grabbed a woman by the "pussy."  However he also said "I tried to fuck her."  He was talking about "fucking"... Continue Reading →

Bold Republicans Say “IF True” Moore Should Step Down

The allegations of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore have consumed the media and the political discourse in the country.  Sean Hannity interviewed Mr. Moore. Hannity asked Moore whether he had “dated” girls as young as 17 years old, the age one of the women cited in a recent Washington Post article said she was when she went out with... Continue Reading →

Palin Prefers Pedophiles!

Sarah Palin has a history of supporting candidates and people who are pedophiles.  Who could forget her relationship with Ted Nugent, the admitted pedophile?   He admitted he was addicted to young girls. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckgSVi7G_Qw Then there was her friendship with Phil Robertson,   who advised men to marry women when they are 15-16 years old. ... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump Have Five Things in Common

  Trump, like Sarah Palin, must reply on his/her success in the past, is corrupt, is a liar, has associated with people who plagiarize an Obama speech, and endorse losers. It's 2017 and Sarah Palin hasn't been the Governor of Alaska in over 8 years.  Yet she still insists on being introduced as the Governor... Continue Reading →

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