Sarah Palin Lives in a Glass House; The Stones She Threw at David Kernell Shattered His Short Life

It was April of 2010 that Sarah Palin testified against David Kernell, the student who guessed her security words to access her e-mail account.  Palin  testified for 30 minutes in federal court in Tennessee at the fraud and identity theft trial of David Kernell, 22, who was accused of hacking into her personal e-mail account... Continue Reading →

What Do Todd Palin, Donald Trump, Roy Moore, Rob Porter, Steve Bannon, Cory Lewandowski, and Ted Neugent Have in Common?

What do Todd Palin, Donald Trump, Roy Moore, Rob Porter, Steve Bannon, Cory Lewandowski, and Ted Neugent have in common?  They each mistreat, abuse, and have become violent with women.    Each are conservatives.  Each directly, or through a spokesperson, have denied the allegations.  Each have had women speak out documenting the abuse.  Each have... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, and Evangelicals Forget to Forgive

Jerry Falwell Jr. gave an interview two days ago, in which he explained that the entire theology of Evangelicals was based on forgiveness.  Falwell found it necessary to "forgive" Trump for his repeated a public indiscretions with women, including porn star Stormy Daniels. Yet Donald Trump forgot to forgive when he found fault with Colin... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Blamed the President for the Government Shutdown

Everyone remembers when Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz blamed the White House for the Government Shut Down. Now that Palin's buddy Trump is in the White House, and Republicans are the dominant party in both the House and Senate, she fails to comment on who is responsible. She simply links to an article that someone... Continue Reading →

White House is “Fully Cooperative,” Except When They Aren’t

12 Times Trump's aides have denied that there was any collusion with Russia. Steve Bannon was Trump's chief strategist.  Bannon was so involved with the President he's been called Trump's consigliere.  It was August of 2016 that Trump appointed Bannon as his campaign chief.  Thus Bannon worked for Trump for five months BEFORE Trump took office as... Continue Reading →

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