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It’s been 8 years since that astonishing day that John McCain tapped Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate.  Since that painful moment, Sarah has proven herself to be just as ignorant, vicious, and  bigoted as she was then.  Only a few things have changed.  (1) Bristol is on her third/fourth/fifth pregnancy. (2) Shailey Tripp is no longer working for Todd. (3) Track has fathered two children out of wed lock.  (4) Sarah is 8 years older.  She has attempted to change her hair, breast size, hair color, facial contour, glasses, but has totally failed to educate herself about political issues.  Sarah has turned on Ted Cruz (She endorsed Trump instead of Cruz)  Sarah has turned on Lisa Murkowski, the Republican Senator from Alaska.  Sarah has turned on John McCain.  (Sarah endorsed Trump and he doesn’t like losers).  Now she’s turned on Trump.

Now she’s reverted back to attacking President Obama, and making references to slavery.  She said:

Fail baby Fail,” “Obama’s destructive ‘energy plan’ enslaves America to unfriendly nations, which he’s been warned about for eight years.”

Thus in one Facebook post Sarah Palin tried to revive the “Drill Baby Drill” slogan, lodge another attack on Obama even though he has days, not months, left in office, and make inappropriate references to slavery.

Palin was complaining about Obama recent executive order blocking oil and gas drilling in Arctic and Atlantic oceans


The order came after hundreds of kayaktivists protested drilling in the Arctic and the Port of Seattle being used as a port for the Shell Oil drilling rig Polar Pioneer.

This was another attempt by President Obama to solidify his environmental legacy.  This order withdraws hundreds of millions of acres of federally owned land in the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean from new offshore oil and gas drilling.  Obama used a little-known law called the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to protect large portions of the Chukchi and Beaufort seas in the Arctic and a string of canyons in the Atlantic stretching from Massachusetts to Virginia. In addition to a five-year moratorium already in place in the Atlantic, removing the canyons from drilling puts much of the eastern seaboard off limits to oil exploration even if companies develop plans to operate around them.

The announcement by the White House late in the afternoon was coordinated with similar steps being taken by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to shield large areas of that nation’s Arctic waters from drilling. Neither measure affects leases already held by oil and gas companies and drilling activity in state waters.

This is not the first time Obama has used the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act.  He did it to safeguard Alaska’s Bristol Bay in 2014, and again last year to protect part of Alaska’s Arctic coast. The president has protected 125 million acres in the region in the last two years, according to a fact sheet issued by the White House.  Sarah probably didn’t know about those.


These areas Obama is trying to protect are widely recognized as major biodiversity hotspots that are critical to fisheries. The canyons provide deep water corals used by a wide array of fish. The area also provides habitat “for . . . deepwater corals, deep diving beaked whales, commercially valuable fishes, and significant numbers of habitat-forming soft and hard corals, sponges, and crabs,” the White House said.

Rhea Suh, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, called it “a historic victory in our fight to save our Arctic and Atlantic waters, marine life, coastal communities and all they support.” Carter Roberts, president and chief executive of the World Wildlife Fund, applauded what he called “a bold decision” that “signals some places are just too important not to protect.”

Moreover the country is not in need of additional oil resources.  The current oil in the Arctic represents a mere one tenth of one percent of the nation’s oil production overall.  World oil production is in balance. The long decline in U.S. crude oil production appears to be over. September 2016 output increased 60,000 bopd.  Thus, the limits on drilling isn’t “enslaving” America.  Obama has protected the country.

It seems that if there is one issue that would be evident to Sarah Palin from Alaska, it would be the potential for environmental devastation from an oil spill in the Artic.  Has she forgotten the tragedy of the Exxon Valdez oil spill?  Let me remind her:
*Approximately 11 million gallons or 257,000 barrels or 35,000 metric tonnes (38,800 short tons) of oil destroyed the pristine tundra.
*The Exxon Valdez spill, though still one of the largest ever in the United States, has dropped from the top 50 internationally (view a list of top oil spills worldwide). It is widely considered the number one spill worldwide in terms of damage to the environment, however. The timing of the spill, the remote and spectacular location, the thousands of miles of rugged and wild shoreline, and the abundance of wildlife in the region combined to make it an environmental disaster well beyond the scope of other spills.
*Approximately 1,300 miles of shoreline were damaged.
*The spill itself stretched 460 miles from Bligh Reef to the tiny village of Chignik on the Alaska Peninsula.
*The clean up efforts of Exxon cost $2.1 billion.
*The actual number of animals killed is uncertain.  The carcasses of more than 35,000 birds and 1000 sea otters were found after the spill.  However most bodies sink in the ocean, so these numbers are considered to be a small fraction of the death toll.  The best estimates are: 250,000 seabirds, 2,800 sea otters, 300 harbor seals, 250 bald eagles, up to 22 killer whales, and billions of salmon and herring eggs were decimated.

birds-killed-by-exxon-valdez-oil-spill  bird-valdez-oil-spill


So it’s been 8 years of Sarah Palin attacking Obama and making inappropriate references to slavery.  No other celebrity or political figure has ever devoted so many years to attacking a politician without any alternative proposals.  No other person has absolved themself of any responsibility for making any positive change while pretending to care about acts of those in power.

We are tired of the same old whine from Sarah Palin.  I’d rather listen to the Four Tops:



palin clapping

Anchorage Alaska is the home of Over the Rainbow Toy store.

over the rainbow toy store

The White House was lit up in Rainbow Colors.

white house rainbow colors

Sarah Palin, being the well-read celebrity that she is, applauded the White House for celebrating the Anniversary of the Over the Rainbow Toy Store.

Of course this is a joke. When has Sarah Palin ever approved of anything President Obama has ever done? When has Sarah Palin ever read a book? What Sarah knows about the U.S. Constitution or homosexuality is highly suspect. The book she tried to ban from the Wasilla library, Daddy’s roommate, was a book she’d never read.

daddy's roommate

Evidently the word “faggot”is spoken so often in her home, that it is not unusual to hear one of the Palins use the word. Willow used it in a Facebook post, and Tripp used it on national television.

It is unusual that the announcement of Bristol’s terminated engagement to a man came surprisingly close to the announcement of the right of people to marry their same-sex partners. Sarah’s Facebook page is void of any recognition of the decision by the Supreme Court of people’s right to marry the person of their choosing. Maybe Sarah is afraid to talk about that choice since it appears nobody wants to marry Bristol. Maybe Sarah is waiting for God to write her a letter telling her who Bristol’s husband…or wife… should be?

Rumors abound. Some people think Bristol hasn’t even told Sarah about the pregnancy. Some people think that Bristol is lesbian and she used in-vitro fertilization.

bristol camping friend

Some reported that Sarah Palin thought Homosexuality was caused by vaccinations. Some reported that Palin was calling for impeachment of the Supreme Court. One of Sarah’s friends, Ted Cruz actually said that Justice Roberts “violated his oath of office. He knows full well that he’s changing the law and not following it.”

The truth is that virtually all Republicans are speaking out suggesting that the law, as articulated by the Supreme Court, is not the law. In the history of America, the United States Supreme Court is the final arbiter of the U.S. Constitution, and the rights of citizens of this country. Because Republicans disagree with the High Court’s decision, they attack the right of the Court to make such a decision. Roe vs. Wade was decided in 1973, over 40 years ago. Yet, how much time and energy have Sarah Palin and the GOP spent trying to further limit personal freedoms regarding abortions? They are in favor of people having a choice about when and how often to have sex, but are not in favor  of personal freedoms after sex.

bristol and dakota

Sixty one percent of voters support gay marriage. I hope that an even higher percentage of Americans are in favor of the United States’ Constitution. The very document that created the U.S. Supreme Court, is the same document that its Justices are charged with interpreting.

For any of the Republican candidates for President to argue about the authority of the Court to interpret the constitution is evidence that the Republican Party has fallen out of touch with the majority of Americans. Thirteen people have declared their intention to run as the Republican candidate for President. Three more will likely join the race.  None of the 16 Republicans who are fighting for the right to be our next president, are willing to fight to solve our problems.  Instead they focus on taking away our personal freedoms.
As Greece faces default on its debt, America is reminded of the looming U.S. debt. As South Carolina buries victims of the worst hate-crime of my life-time, America is reminded of the on-going discrimination in this country. In at least 10 ways America is the most corrupt country in the world. In at least 20 ways America wastes an outrageous amount of money. The middle east is in crisis. Relations with North Korea are worsening rather than improving. The year 2014 was the worst year for relations with the Russians since the Cold War. The U.S. ranks 70th in health care; 69th in ecosystem sustainability; 39th in basic education; 34th in access to water and sanitation; and 31st in personal safety.

We rank 1st in the world for prison populations, but 14th in the world for education. If we are to survive as a country we must stop using our resources to limit personal freedoms, and begin focusing on what will put this country back in a global position of leadership.

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