Sarah Palin, 8 Years Later, Same Song, Different Verse

It's been 8 years since that astonishing day that John McCain tapped Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate.  Since that painful moment, Sarah has proven herself to be just as ignorant, vicious, and  bigoted as she was then.  Only a few things have changed.  (1) Bristol is on her third/fourth/fifth pregnancy. (2) Shailey Tripp... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Applauds the White House for Recognition of the Over-the-Rainbow Toy Store

Anchorage Alaska is the home of Over the Rainbow Toy store. The White House was lit up in Rainbow Colors. Sarah Palin, being the well-read celebrity that she is, applauded the White House for celebrating the Anniversary of the Over the Rainbow Toy Store. Of course this is a joke. When has Sarah Palin ever... Continue Reading →

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