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How many times have we heard Sarah Palin ask, “Do you love your freedom”?  “If you love your freedom, thank a vet!”

Remember when she praised Trump because he would “kick ISIS’s ass”.


The Pentagon spokesman revealed that “the casualties in Yemen are being assessed,” adding that AQAP female fighters “ran to pre-established positions as if they’d trained to be ready and trained to be combatants and engage with us. So, some of the enemy killed in combat are in fact female.”

President Trump authorized the operation, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) learned from an anonymous defense official.

Trump bungled this first operation as Commander-in-Chief. Trump ordered the raid without “sufficient intelligence, ground support or adequate backup preparations,” according to a Reuters report.  When things didn’t go as planned, Trump blamed President Obama, even though he was no longer the Commander-in-Chief. In fact, it has now been confirmed that “The specific operation in question was never presented to or considered by the Obama Admin for approval.”  So Trump lies about military operations as easily as he does the size of his inaugural crowd.

The most amazing thing is that Sarah Palin failed to mention this fallen soldier or her concern for him.  I guess she “thanks a vet” if its good for Trump.  She failed to respect the family of the Muslim soldier killed in the line of duty protecting his fellow soldiers.


Now Sarah has failed to thank the family of slain Navy Seals soldier,William “Ryan” Owens.  She has been conspicuously silent about honoring this fallen soldier.

William “Ryan” Owens , along with his SEAL Trident and Basic Parachutist wings, would have been qualified to wear the following awards:

Navy/Marine Corps Medal

Bronze Star w/Combat “V” (2 awards)
Bronze Star
Joint Service Commendation Medal w/Combat “V” (2 awards)
Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal (2 awards)
Joint Service Achievement Medal
Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal (3 awards)
Combat Action Ribbon
Joint Meritorious Unit Award (2 awards)
Good Conduct Medal (6 awards)
Presidential Unit Citation (3 awards)
National Defense Service Medal
Afghanistan Campaign Medal
Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (8 awards)
He has been  posthumously awarded the Purple Heart.
John McCain, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, explained that when an American life is lost, along with other soldiers injured, and a 75 million dollar aircraft,you can’t call the operation a success.
Sean Spicer,on behalf of Trump, said that McCain owed the soldier’s family an apology.  Instead of contemplating the mission and how we could better protect our soldiers, Trump’s focus is to attack anybody who might be less than complimentary.



Just a few days ago, Jake Tapper interviewed Sarah Palin.  She said, “Paul Ryan’s career over.  He’s been “Cantored”.”  Ryan probably considered that “the most ringing endorsement possible?”  Imagine the thrill of being  hated by this tremendous group of terrible people.

Maybe Palin hadn’t read all the polls that showed Ryan leading Nehlen by a margin of 70%!!  It isn’t clear if voters were offended by Nehlen’s political ideologies, his tattoos, or his skull and crossbones sleeveless shirt!


paul nehlen

You’d think that Breitbart would have called Palin and warned her not to make a fool of herself.  I guess she wasn’t answering the phone.  As predicted Ryan won the Wisconsin primary by a 70% margin.  (THanks to Jason for thelink!)

This is proof that Palin has NO power of persuasion any longer. She is a total failure!  If she wants to make money now she’ll have to submit her videos to a you tube “failure” web site.


Paul Ryan celebrated his victory with his supporters by ordering cheese curds and beer for his supporters.  He didn’t order any for Sarah.

wisconsin dairy state



Sarah Palin gave this interview to Jake Tapper.


She explains that Paul Ryan and the GOP is not “thinking strait.”  She explained that their power,their prestige, their purse will be adversely affected by the change that is coming with Trump and somebody like Paul Nehland, that they’re (the GOP) not thinking strait.  Palin explained that Paul Ryan’s political career is over because he has so disrespected the will of the people. Palin describes Paul Ryan as being “Eric Cantored.”

The primary of Paul Ryan is on Tuesday August 9th, just two days away.  While endorsing Ryan’s challenger,  Paul Nehlen,

paul nehlen


Palin suggests that Ryan’s political career is over. The funny thing is that a Remington Research Group poll released Friday shows 80 percent of voters support Ryan in his Wisconsin primary, compared to 14 percent who back challenger Paul Nehlen, a conservative Trump supporter.  Trump seems to be following suit as he plummets in the pollls.  Thus is seems Sarah isn’t thinking straight.  I appears Ryans political career is stronger than ever, and Trump and Nehlen are destined to lose.

Nehlen believes that Trump’s idea of banning Muslim immigrants doesn’t go far enough!  Nehlen would DEPORT all Muslims from this country.

burn constitution

What patriotic Americans Palin supports!!!

Seven years ago today, Sarah Palin QUIT.  She quit politics.  She abandoned the people of Alaska.  She stopped even pretending to try to make a difference.  She stopped being a politician.

Gosh!  A lot has happened in seven years.

Sarah has been featured as the host on at least two national television shows.

sarah palin's alaska  palin amazing america thumbs up

She renewed her contract at Fox, as a commentator on national news, and then didn’t.

She started a national bus tour, and then quit.

one nation bus tour

She launched the Sarah Palin channel, and then quit.

palin channel on abortion


She appeared in a movie made for a national audience, even though people across the nation refused to see it.

palin undefeated

She proclaimed her daughter’s commitment to abstinence,on national television,

and then on December 24, 2015 she declared that Bristol’s recent child born out of wedlock was the best gift ever.

bristol baby photoshopped

Sarah announced the marriage of her son Track, by announcing she was “on top of the world”.  When Kyla was born three months later, if Palin was still on top of the world, she was remarkably quiet about it.

britta baby shower

When Track and Britta divorced, she was surely no longer of top of the world, but she failed to talk about how hard it was to be at the bottom.

When Track assaulted the expectant mother of his second child, Palin blamed it on PTSD.  It is unclear who she will blame when Jordan gives birth to another Palin grandchild.

If there is one thing that the last seven years has taught us about Sarah Palin, it is that she loves media attention.  Yet Sarah and Bristol have asked that their “privacy” be respected.

As Sarah appears on yet another television show, and may be the host of another courtroom show, it seems apparent that there is never enough publicity for Grandma Palin.

Sarah has violated Federal trademark laws and Federal copyright laws.

NYC, NY 09/11/01 WTCCRASH : Firemen raised a flag where WTC was. -Thomas E. Franklin / The Record

She endorsed Ted Cruz, and campaigned for him.  Then she quit.

palin cruz hug

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives for a campaign event in Phoenix, Arizona July 11, 2015. REUTERS/Nancy Wiechec - RTX1K1CM

She endorsed Carly Fiorina, and campaigned for her.  Then she quit.

palin trump rally

She demanded that one man be fired for using the word “retard”, but defended another for using the word.

Sarah has declared, in an interview with Megyn Kelly, that feminism is over, while claiming to be a feminist.


Yet is was Megyn Kelly that called Trump out for his anti-woman rhetoric, and a 10 year old boy who called Palin out for supporting a misogynist like Trump.

She’s given speeches pretending to know about Ronald Reagan, but proved she doesn’t.


Sarah has attacked Paul Ryan, the leader of the GOP.


At least she’s consistent about trying to hurt the Republican Party.  Palin endorsed Ryan’s competition in the Wisconsin primary, Paul Nehlen.  Whether because of Palin’s endorsement, or just her supremely bad judgment,  Ryan leads Nehlen by a margin of 84-10 among conservatives in the district and 66-22 among moderates. There is also a (ahem) modest gender gap: Ryan leads Nehlen 81-12 among women, and by 76-15 among men.

Sarah Palin quit being a politician seven years ago.  When a Priest quits being a priest, the church stops looking to him for religious leadership.  When a particular brand of ice cream quits making the ice cream free of deadly bacteria,  we stop eating the ice cream.

blue bell

If a person is allergic to shell fish, they stop eating it.


On this the 7th anniversary of Sarah Palin quitting her job as a politician, let’s stop asking for her political opinions about any politician, any political issue, any diplomatic issue, or anyone running for any office.



This was Donald Trump speaking on December 7th, 2015.  That was more than 6 months ago.


On June 13th, Trump repeated his commitment to a ban on Muslim immigration into the United States.


It was June 2nd that Paul Ryan declared that he would endorse Trump.

On June 17th Ryan says he’d sue Trump if elected President if he did what he promised to do… ban Muslims.  Ryan explains that banning Muslims would exceed the President’s constitutional authority.


Think about what that would mean.  American tax payers would foot the bill for Ryan’s attorney fees, and Trumps’s attorney fees,  to litigate the issue of whether Trump is allowed to do what he promised before the election, and which Ryan knew about before he endorsed the Donald.  Maybe the Department of Justice could also hire a PR firm to convince the American people that they are not getting screwed again by their elected politicians.  Maybe a media firm will be hired to convince taxpayers that the way to make America great again is to violate the constitution, and add millions to the national debt?  Trump is a terrorist to advocate banning a person from immigrating to the United States due to their religion.  Ryan knows Trump is a terrorist, and has endorsed him, but might sue Trump if he gets elected???


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