Pence Makes Plans for His Re-election in 2020

As dirty as Trump is, Mike Pence is equally dishonest. As speculation swirls about the impeachment of Donald Trump, most have presumed that Mike Pence would become the next President of the United States.  However that presumes that obstruction of justice charges are not brought against Pence, and that he is exonerated.  That presumption may... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Says People Are Right Who Do the Right Thing!

Sarah Palin, the clown, has emerged from hibernation.  It isn't clear if she was in a drug induced stupor, if she was hospitalized due to depression resulting from being ignored by Donald Trump, if she knocked herself out while rock-running, or if she's been overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to support her family... Continue Reading →

The Post Sarah Forgot to Post, Forgetting to “Thank a Vet”

How many times have we heard Sarah Palin ask, "Do you love your freedom"?  "If you love your freedom, thank a vet!" Remember when she praised Trump because he would "kick ISIS's ass".   In an effort to kick ISIS's ass, Trump got his ass handed to him!  It was reported on Jan 31, 2017... Continue Reading →

No Milk Curds for You Sarah Palin!

  Just a few days ago, Jake Tapper interviewed Sarah Palin.  She said, "Paul Ryan's career over.  He's been "Cantored"."  Ryan probably considered that "the most ringing endorsement possible?"  Imagine the thrill of being  hated by this tremendous group of terrible people. Maybe Palin hadn't read all the polls that showed Ryan leading Nehlen by... Continue Reading →

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