No Milk Curds for You Sarah Palin!

  Just a few days ago, Jake Tapper interviewed Sarah Palin.  She said, "Paul Ryan's career over.  He's been "Cantored"."  Ryan probably considered that "the most ringing endorsement possible?"  Imagine the thrill of being  hated by this tremendous group of terrible people. Maybe Palin hadn't read all the polls that showed Ryan leading Nehlen by... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Thinks She is Thinking Straight

Sarah Palin gave this interview to Jake Tapper.   She explains that Paul Ryan and the GOP is not "thinking strait."  She explained that their power,their prestige, their purse will be adversely affected by the change that is coming with Trump and somebody like Paul Nehland, that they're (the GOP) not thinking strait.  Palin explained... Continue Reading →

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