Trump’s 30 Year History With Russia-Insight Into the Making of a President

Since first launched in February 2017, the Trump-Russia Timeline has grown to more than 600 entries.  The amazing thing is not the number of Trump's contacts with Russia.  The amazing thing is that Trump and staff have repeatedly denied connections to Russia. The truth is that Trump haad contacts with Russia for 30 years! ... Continue Reading →

WAR Might Be a Calculated Diversion from the Russia Investigation

As the Russia investigation heats up, Donald Trump becomes more and more unhinged...if that's possible.According to a Republican, Trump was "seething,"  in response to news of the indictments and guilty plea of Manafort, Gates, and  George Papadopoulos.   It is frightening that Trump, in this outrageous state of mind, is heading to Asia for a 12 day trip. ... Continue Reading →

Trump Claims the Liar is Lying When Admitting He Lied

Donald Trump described George Papadopolous as an "excellent guy."  That was when Trump chose him to serve on his foreign policy advisory council during the campaign. That was a council led by Jeff Sessions. Now that Papadopolous has plead guilty to federal charges involving collusion with Russia, Trump describes Papadopolous as a mere “young, low level... Continue Reading →

Remember the Clip of Paul Manafort Featured by John Oliver Last March…

Remember this episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  You probably missed the clip at the end of Paul Manafort, but it is quite damning in light of the indictments announced today. I wonder if it was Manafort's remarks that the Russians were laughing about with Trump?  

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