“Pro-Life” May Mean “Pro-Choice”

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my nephew, Palmer.  He is an adorable 1 year old, and the son of my younger brother. My brother and his wife had difficulty getting pregnant.  After a great deal of anxiety, money, and medical technology, my sister-in-law was able to become pregnant. The really... Continue Reading →

The Cost of Sarah Palin’s “Choice”

(Part 1 of 2) Abortion is the only topic more controversial than politics and religion, perhaps because it involves both. Sarah Palin is a staunch supporter of the right-to-life movement.  She is not supportive of abortion unless the mother’s life is in danger.  Even in the case of rape or incest, Palin opposes abortion.  As... Continue Reading →

Palin Stands On Principle…Unless Money is Involved!

It’s no secret that Sarah Palin is motivated by money.  Yet it has never been as obvious as in her recent appearance in Canada.   On Thursday, April 15, Palin appeared in Hamilton, Canada.  I knew articles had appeared indicating Palin was receiving $200,000 for the Canadian speaking engagement, as compared to the paltry sum of... Continue Reading →

What Scares Me About Palin

Two days ago, I posted a blog expressing my outrage at a recent poll reported by Newsmax, identifying Palin as “now leading the GOP field as the party’s preferred candidate for president”.  (See, malialitman.wordpress.com, Money Corrupts Newsmax and Palin.)  Today we have proof that Newsmax mislead us.  Politics Daily reported on March 29th that “…the overall... Continue Reading →

Who’s More Outrageous, Bob Marshall or Sarah Palin?

Last Thurs. Feb. 18th a Virginia elected official, Bob Marshall, deemed it appropriate to share with the public his view of handicapped children, otherwise known to Sarah Palin as “special needs kids” and according to Levi Johnston, quoting Palin, and to Rush Limbaugh as “retarded.”  Mr. Marshall explained his belief that disabled children are God’s... Continue Reading →

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