Trump Gives Tillerson No Notice; “You’re Fired”

President Trump tells Rex Tillerson "You're fired".  He also explains that Tillerson will actually be happier not working for Trump. Trump is replacing Tillerson with the director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo. Trump didn't have the decorum to advise Rex in a private meeting.  Tillerson found out he was fired at the same time as... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Retreat From World Leadership Emboldens Russia As Trump moves closer to replacing Rex  Tillerson as Secretary of State,  the implications of Trump's damage to U.S. foreign relations seems unequivocal. Trump has been responsible for a budget that would add 1 TRILLION DOLLARS TO THE DEFICIT.  Yet the federal budget includes "broad and deep" spending cuts in foreign aid.  Senators, both... Continue Reading →

Bristol Palin, The Monkey Girl, Laughs at Woman Expressing Her Opinion, While Expressing Hers

Bristol Palin may have out-done herself with her latest post. At the outset, it seems obvious that Brisol has no business commenting on the business attire of any woman. Bristol has never held a professional job.The only thing she is experienced in is what to wear while Dancing With the Stars, or perhaps the acceptable... Continue Reading →

Confirmation Hearing NOW for Rex Tillerson, the former President of the Boy Scouts and Cover-Up Artist

The Senate Confirmation Hearings for Rex Tillerson, are happening now!  Go to the link if you are interested.  In addition to concerns about Tillerson's connections to Vladimir Putin and Russia "Hello" has brought to our attention a new article about Tillerson's tenure as President of the Boy Scouts.    Tillerson served as President of the... Continue Reading →

Trump Calls Russian Hack Ridiculous; Sarah Palin Laughs

  It's WWIII.  It's a cyber war, and it has had an impact on the 2016 election.  To say that Trump wasn't part of the conspiracy is ludicrous.  He encouraged it on national television. Now that Trump has won the election, he claims that Russian interference didn't happen.  Yet the evidence is overwhelming!  This site... Continue Reading →

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