Proof of Sarah Palin’s Corruption as Governor of Alaska Has Finally Emerged!

Years ago I filed an ethics complaint against Sarah Palin as a result of the film she made "Sarah Palin's Alaska."  The crux of the complaint was that Sarah Palin took advantage of a law enacted during her term as governor to grant film tax credits to companies making films in Alaska using residents of... Continue Reading →

Nobody Can Find Anything Positive to Report on Trump

Huffington Post reports another resignation in the President Donald Trump administration. Politico reported Thursday that Andy Hemming resigned from his position as the White House communications team’s director of rapid response on Monday.   Politico’s Annie Karni reported that Hemming, a staunch Republican,  was charged with finding positive mainstream media news stories about the Trump administration and recirculating those... Continue Reading →

Global Warming in the Trump Administration-Another Resignation!

A senior official at the EPA used her resignation letter to point out the absurdity of Trump denying global warming.  Trump and EPA head Scott Pruitt are putting "our children and grandchildren" at increased safety risk. In a memo explaining her resignation, Betsy Southerland said Trump is damaging the agency's mission.  Betsy worked at the EPA... Continue Reading →

“Ethics” and “Trump”: A Predictable Paradox

The only thing amazing about the resignation of Walter Shaub, Head of the US Department of Government Ethics, is that it didn't happen sooner.  Shaub's resignation comes after "months of clashes with the White House," Shaub told NPR that "the current situation has made it clear that the ethics program needs to be stronger than... Continue Reading →

Jason Chaffetz, Head of the House Oversight Committee, Announces He Won’t Run for Re-election

  Republicans are quietly encouraging Chaffetz to step down from his chairmanship soon, even though the Utah Republican doesn’t plan to resign from Congress until June 30. While his retirement announcement Thursday said nothing about his future work, Chaffetz has told lawmakers he’ll be heading to Fox News. Chaffetz admits that tax reform and nationalized... Continue Reading →

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