Jason Chaffetz, Head of the House Oversight Committee, Announces He Won’t Run for Re-election

  Republicans are quietly encouraging Chaffetz to step down from his chairmanship soon, even though the Utah Republican doesn’t plan to resign from Congress until June 30. While his retirement announcement Thursday said nothing about his future work, Chaffetz has told lawmakers he’ll be heading to Fox News. Chaffetz admits that tax reform and nationalized... Continue Reading →

Pence Makes Plans for His Re-election in 2020

As dirty as Trump is, Mike Pence is equally dishonest. As speculation swirls about the impeachment of Donald Trump, most have presumed that Mike Pence would become the next President of the United States.  However that presumes that obstruction of justice charges are not brought against Pence, and that he is exonerated.  That presumption may... Continue Reading →

Is Sarah in Arizona Considering Running Against McCain?

Yesterday we asked the question "Where is Sarah?" Yesterday John McCain, the 78 year-old Senator from Arizona announced he would run for re-election to the Senate. That would be his 6th term. If elected he would be 86 when his next term might end. In 2014 the Tea Party was reported to be recruiting Sarah... Continue Reading →

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