Trump to Corker: “My Dick is Bigger Than Yours”

Donald Trump didn't really say that...but he sure implied it.  Certainly when he commented about "little Marco", there was a suggestion that he was referring to something other than his height. Imagine the absurdity of the President of the United States comparing the size of his dick to anyone who might challenge him!  As absurd... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump Seek “Revenge” for Pleas of Help for Dying People of Puerto Rico!

Only a mentally ill, dysfunctional, immoral person could seek "revenge" in response to a Mayor's pleas for help because the people of her city were dying!  Even if you disagree with her point of view, or felt she was over-reacting, "revenge" is not an emotion that would normally be considered by any Christian, right-minded person. ... Continue Reading →

The Impotence of Donald Trump is Undisputed!

The dictionary defines "impotence" as meaning a lack of Power, Strength, or Vigor.   While it can also mean an inability to achieve an erection, Donald Trump may be impotent by both definitions. He is 71 years old.  The incidence of sexual impotence is 70% in men aged 70 and above.  ED is a normal part of... Continue Reading →

The Joke is on Trump!

The internet is a-buzz today because the President of the United States thought it would be funny to retweet the gif of him playing golf and hitting Hillary Clinton in the back as she boarded a plane. The first thing you might notice about the original tweet is the name of the person that he... Continue Reading →

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