It is Now “Commonly Agreed” that Donald Trump and Sarah Palin Had a Relationship

Mike Pence feels it is inappropriate for a man to have dinner with a woman other than his wife.The obvious concern is that he might be unable to resist the dazzling sexual appeal of another woman. Donald Trump had pizza with Sarah Palin, and neither Todd or Melania was invited.   They had dinner again... Continue Reading →

If Republicans Impeach Trump, Republicans Win

For months we have watched as the Press has minimized the chances of Trump being impeached.  With the Republicans in charge in both the House and Senate, it seemed unlikely that they would impeach one of their own.  However, more and more, it seems Republicans might be unwilling to do anything to create the impression... Continue Reading →

Mike Pence Sucks-Up to Trump in Hopes that He’ll Still Be VP When Trump Leaves

In what may be his most delusional statement yet-and that is really saying something, Mike Pence has found a new way to suck up to Donald Trump.  Vice President Mike Pence spoke in glowing terms about his boss , calling Donald Trump a "builder of boundless optimism" and praising his "can-do spirit" and comparing him to former... Continue Reading →

Pence Makes Plans for His Re-election in 2020

As dirty as Trump is, Mike Pence is equally dishonest. As speculation swirls about the impeachment of Donald Trump, most have presumed that Mike Pence would become the next President of the United States.  However that presumes that obstruction of justice charges are not brought against Pence, and that he is exonerated.  That presumption may... Continue Reading →

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