Trump Claims the Liar is Lying When Admitting He Lied

Donald Trump described George Papadopolous as an "excellent guy."  That was when Trump chose him to serve on his foreign policy advisory council during the campaign. That was a council led by Jeff Sessions. Now that Papadopolous has plead guilty to federal charges involving collusion with Russia, Trump describes Papadopolous as a mere “young, low level... Continue Reading →

Remember the Clip of Paul Manafort Featured by John Oliver Last March…

Remember this episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  You probably missed the clip at the end of Paul Manafort, but it is quite damning in light of the indictments announced today. I wonder if it was Manafort's remarks that the Russians were laughing about with Trump?  

Sarah Palin Is Still An Idiot!

For years we've know Sarah was clueless.  As she ages it seems her intellectual challenges have gotten worse.  She's not even smart enough to hide what she doesn't know or understand. Most people would realize that anything Stephen Colbert or Bernie Sanders might have to say about Donald Trump would be derogatory.   Sarah Palin is... Continue Reading →

We May Be Tired of the Russia Investigation, But Mueller IS NOT!

It's been over a year since we've heard about Trump's ties to Russia.  For anyone interested here is a revealing time line of Russia related events. Here is a summary of more recent developments, in case it was hard to keep up.  Special counsel Robert Mueller is now working with New York Attorney General Eric... Continue Reading →

The Presidential Power to Pardon Was Never Intended to Obviate the Rule of Law!

  The  President has the power under Article II, Section 2 of the United States Constitution to pardon convicted criminals.  The Constitution states that the President: "shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment". The U.S. Supreme Court has interpreted this language to include the power to grant pardons, conditional... Continue Reading →

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