Sarah Palin Publicizes Pictures of Todd While Track Pleads for Privacy

Remember when Sarah Palin posted this picture on Instagram.  It was a close up of Todd, two weeks post beating by Track.  The picture was described as revealing cuts and bruises that still existed two weeks after Track broke into the house and put his father on the floor. Sarah Palin appointed judge, David Wallace, has... Continue Reading →

Judge Palin Appointed Hasn’t Recused Himself in Palin Case

The attorney for Track Palin has asked a judge to bar the media from his upcoming trial for assaulting Todd at his father's house last December.  According to WCCO, Track Palin, the oldest son of scheduled to be in Court today for a hearing on the assault charges. The motion to ban the media was filed... Continue Reading →

Bristol and Sarah Palin are Textbook Failures as Mothers

Nobody is a perfect parent.  We all make mistakes.  However most parents haven't made careers off of their children.  From the outset it was clear that Sarah Palin was more than willing to use her children for political benefit.  Who could forget her at the Republican Convention parading Trig around as an advertisement for her... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin was Obama’s “Imbedded Informant”

Everyone knows that Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for President.  Palin had spent the last 8 years saying horrible things about President Obama.  Thus she would be an ideal "imbedded informant" that Obama might have placed to spy on Trump's presidential campaign.  Nobody would suspect.  Nobody would believe that Palin was really working for Obama. ... Continue Reading →

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