“Are You Kidding Me?”…We Already Know Sarah Palin is an Idiot

  Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was called out on Twitter after she expressed shock over a California city's universal basic income experiment.  That experiment was based on Alaska's model that guarantees a minumum income for its residents. "Are you kidding me?" Palin tweeted along with a link to a right-wing blog that denounced the income initiative in Stockton,... Continue Reading →

Bristol’s Kids are So Confused !

Easter can be a time for family, fun, laughs, and for some it can be a time to celebrate their religion. For Bristol Palin's kids, Easter is a time to explore the age old question...Who's  your daddy? If Bristol and Dakota are in the midst of a divorce, why do they keep posting pictures of... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Suggests Expertise in Cocaine Use

Sarah Palin explains, "Well there you have it".  Palin features a link to an article that bears the title "Liberal Jaws Drop When They See What Happened AFTER Stormy’s Big Tell-All Interview." The misleading title for the article is a reference to a suggestion made by Twitter users that Stormy Daniels was under the effects... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Promotes Shooting Range in College, Where Her Children Will Never Be!

                Only Sarah Palin could promote guns and Christianity in the same breath.  Even more amazing is that Palin could find a way to suggest that a college education should include teaching associated with guns. In her Facebook post, Palin sings the praises of Liberty University which was... Continue Reading →

Don Jr. and Don Sr.-Both Unfaithful, Divorced, Big Boobs

Donald Trump Sr.'s name is synonomous with ...among other things, ...a misogynist, a man who mistreats and is abusive to women.  Before he was elected President women in America became painfully aware of his outrageous behavior, and his total lack of respect for women. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o21fXqguD7U Not much has changed.  Trump is President.  He is still... Continue Reading →

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