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It’s been 8 years since that astonishing day that John McCain tapped Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate.  Since that painful moment, Sarah has proven herself to be just as ignorant, vicious, and  bigoted as she was then.  Only a few things have changed.  (1) Bristol is on her third/fourth/fifth pregnancy. (2) Shailey Tripp is no longer working for Todd. (3) Track has fathered two children out of wed lock.  (4) Sarah is 8 years older.  She has attempted to change her hair, breast size, hair color, facial contour, glasses, but has totally failed to educate herself about political issues.  Sarah has turned on Ted Cruz (She endorsed Trump instead of Cruz)  Sarah has turned on Lisa Murkowski, the Republican Senator from Alaska.  Sarah has turned on John McCain.  (Sarah endorsed Trump and he doesn’t like losers).  Now she’s turned on Trump.

Now she’s reverted back to attacking President Obama, and making references to slavery.  She said:

Fail baby Fail,” “Obama’s destructive ‘energy plan’ enslaves America to unfriendly nations, which he’s been warned about for eight years.”

Thus in one Facebook post Sarah Palin tried to revive the “Drill Baby Drill” slogan, lodge another attack on Obama even though he has days, not months, left in office, and make inappropriate references to slavery.

Palin was complaining about Obama recent executive order blocking oil and gas drilling in Arctic and Atlantic oceans


The order came after hundreds of kayaktivists protested drilling in the Arctic and the Port of Seattle being used as a port for the Shell Oil drilling rig Polar Pioneer.

This was another attempt by President Obama to solidify his environmental legacy.  This order withdraws hundreds of millions of acres of federally owned land in the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean from new offshore oil and gas drilling.  Obama used a little-known law called the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to protect large portions of the Chukchi and Beaufort seas in the Arctic and a string of canyons in the Atlantic stretching from Massachusetts to Virginia. In addition to a five-year moratorium already in place in the Atlantic, removing the canyons from drilling puts much of the eastern seaboard off limits to oil exploration even if companies develop plans to operate around them.

The announcement by the White House late in the afternoon was coordinated with similar steps being taken by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to shield large areas of that nation’s Arctic waters from drilling. Neither measure affects leases already held by oil and gas companies and drilling activity in state waters.

This is not the first time Obama has used the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act.  He did it to safeguard Alaska’s Bristol Bay in 2014, and again last year to protect part of Alaska’s Arctic coast. The president has protected 125 million acres in the region in the last two years, according to a fact sheet issued by the White House.  Sarah probably didn’t know about those.


These areas Obama is trying to protect are widely recognized as major biodiversity hotspots that are critical to fisheries. The canyons provide deep water corals used by a wide array of fish. The area also provides habitat “for . . . deepwater corals, deep diving beaked whales, commercially valuable fishes, and significant numbers of habitat-forming soft and hard corals, sponges, and crabs,” the White House said.

Rhea Suh, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, called it “a historic victory in our fight to save our Arctic and Atlantic waters, marine life, coastal communities and all they support.” Carter Roberts, president and chief executive of the World Wildlife Fund, applauded what he called “a bold decision” that “signals some places are just too important not to protect.”

Moreover the country is not in need of additional oil resources.  The current oil in the Arctic represents a mere one tenth of one percent of the nation’s oil production overall.  World oil production is in balance. The long decline in U.S. crude oil production appears to be over. September 2016 output increased 60,000 bopd.  Thus, the limits on drilling isn’t “enslaving” America.  Obama has protected the country.

It seems that if there is one issue that would be evident to Sarah Palin from Alaska, it would be the potential for environmental devastation from an oil spill in the Artic.  Has she forgotten the tragedy of the Exxon Valdez oil spill?  Let me remind her:
*Approximately 11 million gallons or 257,000 barrels or 35,000 metric tonnes (38,800 short tons) of oil destroyed the pristine tundra.
*The Exxon Valdez spill, though still one of the largest ever in the United States, has dropped from the top 50 internationally (view a list of top oil spills worldwide). It is widely considered the number one spill worldwide in terms of damage to the environment, however. The timing of the spill, the remote and spectacular location, the thousands of miles of rugged and wild shoreline, and the abundance of wildlife in the region combined to make it an environmental disaster well beyond the scope of other spills.
*Approximately 1,300 miles of shoreline were damaged.
*The spill itself stretched 460 miles from Bligh Reef to the tiny village of Chignik on the Alaska Peninsula.
*The clean up efforts of Exxon cost $2.1 billion.
*The actual number of animals killed is uncertain.  The carcasses of more than 35,000 birds and 1000 sea otters were found after the spill.  However most bodies sink in the ocean, so these numbers are considered to be a small fraction of the death toll.  The best estimates are: 250,000 seabirds, 2,800 sea otters, 300 harbor seals, 250 bald eagles, up to 22 killer whales, and billions of salmon and herring eggs were decimated.

birds-killed-by-exxon-valdez-oil-spill  bird-valdez-oil-spill


So it’s been 8 years of Sarah Palin attacking Obama and making inappropriate references to slavery.  No other celebrity or political figure has ever devoted so many years to attacking a politician without any alternative proposals.  No other person has absolved themself of any responsibility for making any positive change while pretending to care about acts of those in power.

We are tired of the same old whine from Sarah Palin.  I’d rather listen to the Four Tops:



palin 2011

nazi jews

What the Nazis did to the Jews during the Holocaust was horrific! The tragedy of the loss of life was unparalleled. No event in history has rivaled the atrocities committed by the Nazis against the Jewish people. For a commander of a concentration camp to pretend to love Jews would be nothing short of treacherous, perverted, and revolting. For Sarah Palin to pretend that she is a champion of environmental causes is equally treacherous, perverted, and revolting.

Here are the facts. Palin has posted a Facebook note that references her commitment to “responsible stewardship of our environment through conservation.”
Nothing could be further from the truth.

1. Palin has no respect for animals or their environment.

She brags about having blood under her finger nails, and proclaims her love of the smell of boiling bear skulls.

2. Palin denies that global warming is made worse by people.

3. During the short time that Palin was Governor of Alaska she promoted and supported a variety of programs that were devastating to the environment. They included:

a. The dumping of BILLIONS of gallons of toxic waste into Cook Inlet.

b. She opposed giving parents of school children 48 hours notice before toxic chemicals would be used in their schools.

c. Palin’s administration testified against language in legislation that would have banned the use of polybrominated diphenyl ethers–a flame retardant that, studies show, harms the developing brain.

d. Palin attempted to block California’s plan to curb its air pollution. The Golden State tried to reduce its toxic emissions with a port fee that would pay for pollution-reduction projects around the state. Arguing that it would hurt Alaska’s economy, Palin asked California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to veto the proposed legislation.

e. Palin opposed the Clean Water Initiative which would have limited the runoff of toxic metals which were known to cause developmental and birth defects. The effort was specifically intended to target the Pebble Mine. The Pebble Mine project was a huge mining proposal that was controversial for its potential impact on Bristol Bay, the world’s largest commercial salmon fishery.

f.On remote St. Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea at the Northeast Cape Air Force, the military left thousands of barrels of toxic waste, containing solvents, fuels, heavy metals, pesticides, and PCBs. While the Army Corps of Engineers was slowly cleaning up parts of the site, its efforts were inadequate and too slow to have a meaningful impact. In a test of the local water it was revealed that the water was more than one thousand times the level that the EPA considers safe. According to Pamela Miller, ACAT’s executive director, Palin should have used her powers as governor to forge a better cleanup plan. “Certainly this was also a pattern in the Murkowski administration, but, under Palin, it’s gotten worse,” she said. “Her administration has done nothing to work with the military to avoid possible contamination.”

4. Palin was known for her motto “Drill Baby Drill”. Her attitude was that the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge was unimportant. In her view if drilling in the Wildlife Refuge put animals in danger, then they should take “one for the team.” This attitude was particularly troubling when it was clear that even if more drilling had been authorized it would provide zero relief from high oil and gas prices. In 10 years it would make virtually no difference. The Energy Information Administration noted that the “long lead times from discovery to production limit the increase in production, particularly offshore.” This means that an increase in U.S. oil production will make little or no difference in the world oil price or what Americans pay at the gas pump.

Ken Green, resident scholar with the conservative American Enterprise Institute, has explained that crude oil is a global commodity whose price will be unaffected by new U.S. production. Greenwire reported that:
“The world price is the world price. Even if we were producing 100 percent of our oil,” Green said, if prices increase because of a shortage in China or India, “our price would go up to the same thing…We probably couldn’t produce enough to affect the world price of oil,” he added. “People don’t understand that.”

palin drill baby drill

5. Polar bears were endangered but Palin opposed trying to protect them.

polar bears

These various positions of Sarah Palin, before she quit her job as Governor, indicated a repeated, conscious, disregard for the devastating effects of environmental pollutants. Her attitude was particularly offensive because Alaska has the highest rate of birth defects in America. Not only is Alaska the rape capital of America, but it also has twice the number of birth defects as the national average.

For Sarah Palin to pretend that she is, or ever was, committed to protecting the environment through responsible stewardship of the environment is an offensive, abominable lie.

palin liar

palin drill baby drill

It’s been 6 years since Sarah Palin coined the phrase “Drill Baby Drill.” She has said often, and loudly, that she is a conservative, and in favor of less regulation and lower taxes. However the ACES program, for which she takes credit, did exactly the opposite. ACES had the effect of raising taxes on oil companies in Alaska. It had the effect of discouraging production or the drilling of new wells. Oil and Gas companies preferred to explore in other states that did not impose such high taxes on their production.

Here are the facts:
1. During the 2008 campaign, McCain claimed that Sarah Palin knew more about energy production than any other American.

2. During the 2008 campaign, Sarah Palin became famous for the motto: “Drill Baby Drill.”

3. Sarah Palin took credit during her short term as Alaska’s Governor for the ACES program of taxation on the oil & gas companies drilling in Alaska. ACES had the effect of causing a decline in both production and development because of the high taxes that would have to be paid to the state of Alaska.

4. Palin now reports that:
“ From 2007 to 2012, employment in the energy industry rose a dramatic 31.6 percent while employment nationwide fell 2.7 percent. U.S. oil production increased from 6.5 million barrels per day in 2012 to 7.4 million barrels per day in 2013, and in December, the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas produced its billionth barrel of oil. Thanks to American energy entrepreneurs’ drive and innovation, we’ve surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest oil and gas producer. This truly is a great American success story, and it’s a proud moment for those of us determined to educate D.C. bureaucrats on the link between energy and our security and prosperity.”
“Apparently, the president is pretty proud, too. In his State of the Union address last month, he boasted about the surge in oil and gas drilling, saying, “We are as free from the grip of foreign oil as we’ve been in almost 30 years.” From the way he’s talking, you’d think he coined the phrase “drill, baby, drill.” But it was just three years ago while campaigning in Miami that he lectured, “We can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices.” Respectfully, Mr. President, “yes we can.” And yes we did. Average gas prices were well over $3 in 2012, but in the first months of 2015, they’re near $2, with some states enjoying even lower prices.”

5. It is true that America is enjoying an 8 year high in domestic oil production. U.S. Oil Imports and Exports , the independent and bipartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) notes that since 2005, U.S. domestic production of oil has increased by 24%. Over the same period, Americans’ petroleum consumption actually decreased by 9%, falling to 18.8 million barrels per day. From 2005 to 2011, net U.S. oil imports fell by 33% and now account for 45% of the nation’s total oil consumption, down from 60% in 2005. The trend began under the Bush Administration. Domestic oil production increased at a similar rate during 2004 to 2008, the last four years of the George W. Bush administration. In other words, the increase in domestic oil production under President Obama is, in reality, a continuation of a trend which began under President Bush .

In addition, the President of the United States – any President of the United States – can only control oil and gas exploration and production on lands and offshore areas owned and controlled by the federal government. According to U.S. Oil Imports and Exports , 96% of the increase in domestic oil production since 2007 has taken place on privately owned, nonfederal lands, thus making it oil and gas production in which Presidents Obama and Bush had little or no role. Thus it is the private sector and the allure of greater profits that has inspired production.

6. While the United States has enjoyed a huge increase in oil and gas production over the last 8 years, Alaska has declined in its production during the same period. Oil production in Alaska is now lower than it was on the day in 1977 when the first oil flowed through the pipeline. Alaska has lost more than 200,000 barrels of oil/day under the flawed ACES tax regime, and the pipeline is operating at dangerously low levels. Since ACES passed in 2007, North Slope production has fallen almost 31 percent. In contrast, New Mexico production increased 38 percent during the same period, Oklahoma 35 percent, Utah 46 percent and Texas a whopping 70 percent. Alaska was the only North American oil province to suffer declining production in 2011-2012 and now ranks behind Texas, North Dakota, California and Alberta in daily production.

7. Sarah Palin endorsed and campaigned for Bill Walker in the recent Governor’s race. A pivotal issue in the race was Walker’s support of the ACES program. He opposed the conservative approach advocated by Sean Parnell which was designed to give more incentive to oil companies through tax breaks. Walker defeated Parnell and in the short time he has served as Governor, he has already been identified by Oil and Gas companies as the opposition. “Most notably, Walker raised strong objections to a newly enacted tax structure on oil production that was intended to encourage investment in the state. It was an abrupt – and alarming – shift on his part, as he pledged during his campaign last year that he would not undo the tax law that Alaskan voters upheld in a referendum this past summer.”

Walker has reneged on other campaign promises
. He filed a private lawsuit against a deal the state reached with ExxonMobil that paved the way for construction of a natural gas facility at Point Thomson on the North Slope. Walker pledged to drop that suit if elected. Now that he is governor, Walker has not only refused to drop the suit, but has put his lieutenant governor in charge of overseeing the suit.

The damage inflicted upon Alaska by Sarah Palin while Governor, continues. By creating ACES and campaigning for Walker, Sarah Palin did, and continues to, promote the decline of oil production, and revenue therefrom, in Alaska. Concurrently, Palin takes credit for the increase in production nationally, even though she quit her only elected office, because she advocated “Drill Baby Drill” during the 2008 campaign.

Anyone who believes anything Sarah Palin says should be required to wear a warning sign.

stupid sign

Sarah Palin spoke this weekend at the Oil Palace in Tyler, Texas, a small town in East Texas. She was introduced at the event by Texas Governor Rick Perry, who referred to half-term-ex-Governor Palin as one of the “great Americans of our time.”  Certainly Perry and Palin have many things in common, not the least of which is a total lack of respect for the truth.

Consider the similarity in the willingness of Palin and Perry to lie.  While many examples of the lies of Palin have filled pages of this blog for months, I have worked hard to limit my comments to Palin.  I have intentionally refrained from sharing my feelings about Rick Perry.  Perry’s description of Palin at the Tyler event has come close to putting me into a coma. My doctor has indicated that the only potentially therapeutic treatment for my condition is to write.  Thus I ask you to consider the similarities between Palin and Perry:

1. Both Have Been On the Cover of Newsweek Magazine

Palin:  “Saint Sarah” graced the cover in June.

Perry: Perry was featured with the title “Don’t Mess with Texas”.

2. Both Claim to be “Fiscal Conservatives”

Palin: Palin has described herself as a “fiscal conservative”. Palin said she was opposed to federal earmarks for Alaska, but she hired a lobbyist for Wasilla and received millions of dollars in federal funding.  Palin said she opposed to the Bridge to Nowhere, but she originally favored it. She said she opposed to earmarks, but the truth is that she accepted millions of dollars to study the genetics of harbor seals and the mating habits of crabs.

Perry:  Before Palin quit her job as Governor of Alaska, she endorsed Rick Perry.  Palin described Perry as a “true conservative”.   She cited one of Perry’s top campaign issues as his opposition to federal financial bailouts. The truth is that Texas, under Perry’s fiscal conservative leadership, has accepted $16 billion in federal stimulus funds.  The state of Texas is in the throws of a financial crisis, with approximately $18 billion in debt. Given the financial crisis in Texas, and given the identification of the financial crisis as a “top issue”, one would expect the Governor to be devoting extra time to his job, and to solving the financial problems of the state.  In 21 weeks of work, Perry enjoyed 16 long weekends and worked an average of seven hours per week. Do you think he has solved the financial crisis yet?

“How long will the folks in Washington keep spending money that they don’t have, for solutions they haven’t thought through, for problems they really don’t understand?” Perry asked.

The Wall Street Journal noted that the stimulus is the reason that Texas has a balanced budget. State debt has doubled during Perry’s term as Governor, but fortunately for him he has had time to write a book by the title, “Fed Up.”  His publisher described the book as describing federal policies as a “legitimate threat to America’s continued leadership in the free world.”

Rick Perry, the true fiscal conservative, has spent taxpayer’s money for items including:

    1. Over $130,000 for parties, food, drinks and cable TV.
    2. At least $18,000 for “consumables” such as household supplies and cleaning products.
    3. A $1,000 “emergency repair” of the Governor’s filtered ice machine.
    4. A $700 clothes rack.
    5. A little over $70 for a two year subscription to Food & Wine Magazine (probably to give him ideas on throwing all of those lavish parties at our expense!).
    6. Maintenance on the heated pool has cost taxpayers at least $8,400.
    7. Grounds and lawn maintenance has topped $44,000.
    8. A 6,386-square-foot rental home located on three acres of land and which was advertised in 2007 for sale at $1.85 million. The Governor’s mansion only had 2,750 square feet.
    9. He has only one housekeeper, on full-time chef, one part-time chef, a mansion administrator, and a steward.  The salary for these servants is $195,770.00.

3. Both SAY They Advocate Transparency in Government

Palin:   Sarah Palin has explained the importance in making the financial matters of public record.

Perry: Perry also says he demands transparency in government, but ignored state law, and his own executive order, that required all state agencies to be “accountable and transparent.” It was the stimulus spending information that he conveniently failed to post. Perhaps “opaque” would have been a better choice of words for Rick Perry’s budget.

4. Both Sued the Federal Government on Environmental Matters

Palin:  Before Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska she sued the Federal Government seeking to remove polar bears from the endangered species list.

Perry: Rick Perry sued the EPA over its regulation of greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Both Shoot Animals for Pleasure

Palin: Palin and her parents have a long history of killing animals.  Both Palin and her parents surround themselves with proof of the animals they have killed.

Perry: Perry has been known to jog with a laser cited pistol, and shoot animals during his morning run.  Even Fox “News” reporters found this story a little frightening.

6. Both Have Been Associated with Seceding from the U.S.

Palin Todd, Sarah husband, was a member of the Alaska Independence Party for 6 years.  The primary focus of the party was secession from the United States. The Alaska Independence Party was founded by the “rabidly violent” anti-American Joe Vogler, who is quoted as saying, “I’m an Alaskan, not an American.”  “I’ve got no use for America or her damned institutions,” Palin herself provided the opening remarks to the Alaskan Independent Party Convention of 2008, saying:

“I am delighted to welcome you to the 2008 Alaskan Independence Party Convention….I share your party’s vision of upholding the Constitution of the State…Your Party plays an important role in the State’s Politics… We have a great promise to be a self-sufficient state…Keep up the good work, and God Bless You.”

Perry: Rick Perry made national headlines when he said:

“We’ve got a great union. There’s absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know who knows what might come out of that. But Texas is a very unique place, and we’re a pretty independent lot to boot.”

7. Both Sound More Like Preachers than Politicians

Palin: Of course Palin is no longer a politician.  In an interview she was asked:

“Do you think the mainstream media and the left understands your religious faith, Governor Palin?” Her answer: “I think that there’s a lot of mocking of my personal faith,” she said. “And my personal faith is very, very simple. I don’t belong to any church”.

Palin has repeatedly advocated prayer as a solution to the countries many challenges.  Her solution is to seek divine intervention.  In religious gatherings she has asked the congregation to pray that the war in Iraq is “God’s plan”, and she has asked the congregants to pray for a $30 billion national gas pipeline.  Sometimes with Palin it’s hard to remember if you are in a prayer meeting or a legislative session.

Perry: Perry has been compared to a “tent revival preacher.” Perry has said:

“We are in a struggle for the heart and soul of our nation…Do we believe in the primacy of an unrestrained federal government? Or do we worship the God of the universe, placing our trust in his eternal, natural laws, and defending his children?”

8. Both Are In Bed With BP

Palin:  In spite of the many examples of the violations of safety standards by BP in Alaska, Palin has blamed the environmentalists for the Gulf Oil spill. In her Facebook post Palin made reference to the “extreme greenies,” and used the BP spill as a reason to justify drilling in ANWR.

Palin’s history with BP is extensive.  Of course her husband worked 18 years for BP.  As early as 1995 Palin was aware that BP admitted to felony charges for environmental crimes on the North Slope (Palin 95).  She was also aware that BP had actually injected illegal and hazardous substances into wells to save money (95).  Palin’s history of knowledge of the atrocities committed by BP is long and colorful.

Before resigning as Governor, Palin admits that she knew:

“…that BP had been trying to save money for years by cutting corners on oil pipeline maintenance on the North Slope.  This was very serious: leaks and spills from corroded pipelines were all too common and harmed the environment…” (153).

The largest land spill in the country occurred at the BP Prudhoe Bay field in Alaska, in 2006. An estimated 212,252 gallons of oil leaked from a BP Oil Transit Line.  Even today the consequences of that spill still linger.  Palin was sworn in as Governor in December of 2006. Thus not only was she aware of BP’s history of conscious indifference to safety regulations, but she was Governor during the time of the clean up, and the suit by the EPA.  In March of 2009, before resigning as Governor, the EPA sued BP for a string of violations related to the spills in Alaska.  The EPA alleged federal violations related to numerous problems with BP’s operational practices at Prudhoe Bay.  That suit, seeking tens of millions of dollars, alleged that the company failed to implement an acceptable spill-prevention and control plan and was delinquent in repairing pipelines which they were under federal orders to fix.

Perry: Perry has suggested that the Gulf Oil disaster was:

“…just an act of God that occurred… From time to time there are going to be things that occur that are acts of God that cannot be prevented.”

Perry’s first instinct after the explosion was not to blame people responsible, but to indicate it must have been an act of God. Rick Perry went on to say that BP has “historically had a very good safety record from my perspective.”  He must have just forgotten about the largest explosion in the state of Texas, which occurred in 2005, during the time he was Governor.  The families of the 15 people killed and the 170 people injured in that explosion probably wouldn’t describe the safety record of BP as “very good”.

The Texas refinery was one of two BP refineries that accounted for 97% of all “flagrant” violations in the U.S. refining industry.  Not only was BP responsible for virtually ALL of the refinery violations in the country, but most of the violations cited were classified as “egregious willful,” according to a Center for Public Integrity investigation of Occupational Safety and Health Administration records.

Here’s a look at how those violations breakdown:

  • 760 egregious willful
  • 69 willful
  • 30 serious
  • 3 unclassified

Most violations came, according to the Center for Public Integrity, because BP failed to fix the problems identified as the cause of the 2005 Texas City refinery explosion. “The only thing you can conclude is that BP has a serious, systemic safety problem in their company,” Jordan Barab, deputy assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and health, told the Center for Public Integrity.

As if the explosion and the people killed or injured, on the day of the Texas City tragedy were not sufficient to get Governor Perry’s attention, OSHA imposed the largest fine in history against BP as a result of its many failures at the Texas City plant.  In October 2009, just six months before the Gulf Oil explosion on the Deep Water Horizon well, OSHA imposed a record $87 million fine against BP for lack of compliance with safety regulations, and for failure to make agreed-upon improvements at its Texas City refinery.  The US Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis, reported that during 17 inspections since the explosions four years ago, OSHA found 270 cases where BP failed to comply with changes; BP had previously agreed to make.  Additionally OSHA found 439 “willful” violations involving pressure release systems on units at the Texas City refinery.

“The fact that there are so many still outstanding, life-threatening problems at this plant indicates that they still have a systemic safety problem in this refinery,” Jordan Barab, acting assistant secretary of labor for OSHA, said.

If Perry didn’t know about the safety record of BP, then he was grossly negligent.  If he knew, then he lied when he indicated the BP had a “very good” safety record.  Consider these facts to help you assess whether you think he was consciously indifferent, or that he lied:

1.  BP donated $250,000 to restoration of the Governor’s mansion.  When Rick Perry needed to raise money to restore the Governor’s Mansion after a major fire, he turned to his friends at BP. According to the Austin American-Statesman, “The largest donation is $250,000 from energy giant BP America.” (Source: Austin American-Statesman, January 30, 2009)

2.  Perry paid BP for jobs already in Texas.  Perry gave BP $750,000 to create 150 jobs in League City, Texas. It was soon revealed that, “50 already work for BP and live in the area.” One expert called it, “a classic case of getting paid for doing what you’re going to do anyway.” (The Houston Chronicle, January 13, 2005)

3.  Perry has been widely criticized for his Texas Enterprise Fund after a report revealed that almost half of the companies that received taxpayer dollars have, “failed or struggled to meet job goals.” The companies, including key player in the subprime mortgage market Countrywide Home Loans, have been given a total of $363 million taxpayer dollars. (Source: Austin American-Statesman, January 28, 2010)

If you still have any doubt about whether Rick Perry truly thought BP had a “very good safety record”, please watch this two minute video.

Of all the people who are, or have been, politicians, can you think of anyone who would have been in a better position to anticipate the worst environmental disaster in the history of our country than Palin and Perry?

9.  Both Are Losing Popularity

Palin: By the time Palin resigned as Governor, her popularity had declined from an 89% approval rating to 54%.

Perry:  Rick Perry is an unusually weak incumbent, and his opponent, Bill White is an unusually strong challenger.  Only 36% of voters in Texas approve of Perry and 49% disapprove. Independent voters are particularly dissatisfied with Perry, with 55% indicating he is doing a poor job.  White meanwhile is better known and better liked than most challengers running across the country this year.  Thirty-seven percent of voters have a favorable opinion of him compared to 25% with an unfavorable one, and he posts positive numbers with independents at a 35/24 spread.

There is one difference between Perry and Palin.  Palin resigned as Governor, and Perry is still the Governor.  Surely if people know the facts, we won’t re-elect Perry.  Please help me make people aware of all the facts, about both Palin and Perry.

Emme Meijer
1000 De Waagtoren
Kornwerderzard, Netherlands

June 17, 2010

Dearest Half-Term-Ex-Governor Palin:

I have a dear friend who lives in Louisiana, but is originally from the Netherlands. Her name is Doortje (meaning “Gift of God”) Van Dijk (meaning of “Dike”).  Before lapsing into a coma, Doortje asked me to write to you to explain a few things.  Doortje has been afflicted with PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) since September of 2008.  She thought it would have gotten better after the election, but alas, you keep talking on national television.  Your recent interview with Bill O’Reilly precipitated the coma, and I am not sure if she will recover.

Doortje’s, last words before falling into a state of unconsciousness were, “Sarah Palin is a dumb ass”.  I explained to Doortje that while “dumb ass” might be a technically accurate description, there are many more socially correct adjectives from which she could choose.  The list I gave her included stupid, ignorant, foolish, deranged, clueless, mentally impaired, unintelligent, nonsensical, and mentally handicapped.  Unfortunately, Doortje may never regain consciousness, so I will always remember her fondly by her parting words.

In case Doortje ever regains consciousness, I seek divine intervention, praying that you will refrain from uttering another word about the oil spill in Louisiana.  It was bad enough when you chanted “drill baby drill”, then “stall baby stall”.  Then you had the gall to suggest on your Facebook that the spill was the fault of the environmentalists, some of whom were out trying to rescue wildlife in the Gulf region.  Until now you have been very clever to avoid discussion of any policies.  You have limited your speeches and comments to criticism, rather than articulating (that means talking) any policies for which you stand.

I know that you said in your book Going Rogue that you were an expert in energy, and I know John McCain agreed. Yet virtually the only form of energy produced in Alaska is oil and you seem to lack expertise in even drilling and production.  Certainly the development of oil in Alaska is on-shore, so most people would not expect you to know anything about off-shore drilling.  Your education would not suggest that you ever took a course in energy development.  My understanding is that you majored in broadcast journalism, and worked as a sportscaster, not a commentator on energy development.  Todd worked for BP for 18 years, and the only way that would make you an expert would be if he shared with you examples of the failure of BP to comply with safety and environmental standards.  Since you did nothing to combat the repeated failures of BP in Alaska, I assume Todd didn’t share that with you.  If he did, that would count as abandonment of the people of Alaska, wouldn’t it?

In your recent interview with Bill O’Reilly, you suggested that there were two points you would make to President Obama, if anyone asked for your input.  I think the only person who asked for your input was Bill O’Reilly, and I doubt he will ask you again.  In your answer you indicated that you would tell the President to stop the leak.  However even Bill O’Reilly indicated that nobody knows how to stop the leak!  By saying this you lost any credibility because you have repeatedly advocated LESS governmental intrusion into our lives.  You have repeatedly suggested that we were better off to rely upon the private sector.

The second wisdom you imparted was that we should consult with experts in the Netherlands and build a dike.  It was this comment that sent Doortje into a coma.  In case Doortje doesn’t pull through, let me share a few facts with you in hopes that you will refrain in the future from offering any suggestions about anything.

The Netherlands is a low-lying country, with about 20% of its land located below sea level, and 50% of its land less than 1 meter above sea level.

Significant land area in the Netherlands has been gained as a result of land reclamation through an elaborate system of polders and dikes. Thus the only reason the Netherlands was able to build dikes was because the land reclaimed was so close to the surface of the ocean, and the dikes could be build on existing land just below the surface of the ocean.

If you still don’t understand, here is a picture of a dike that will help you understand the notion that dikes can only be built when the surface of the ocean is very close to the surface of the land.

Dikes were never built to address any type of oil spill.  In fact the Netherlands depends upon energy imports for oil.  The use of renewable energy sources for power generation has caused the Netherlands to become a significant country in terms of installed wind power capacity.

The Deepwater Horizon is called that because the well head is DEEP!  It is located 5000 feet below the surface.   The current surface area of the spill covers at least 2500 square miles, and hundreds of miles of beach are at risk.  The drilling that resulted in the worst environmental disaster is U.S. history occurred approximately 41 miles from shore.  Suffice it to say that the Netherlands has never dealt with an environmental catastrophe 41 miles off shore resulting from deep water drilling at a depth of 5000 feet.  Even the children in the Netherlands would laugh at you if you suggested building a dike 41 miles from shore where the ocean floor was 5000 feet deep.

I know you resigned your position on the Oil & Gas Commission after serving less than one year, and you resigned you position as Governor of Alaska after serving only half of that term.  Perhaps you should consider also resigning from your position at Fox “News”.  They would probably pay you to leave, and to stop talking.  I know the people of Louisiana would appreciate it if you would stop talking about building dikes.  If you stop talking maybe Doortje will make it out of her coma, and she will discover that it was God’s plan to facilitate the cessation of any verbal communication from you.

Just when we thought you couldn’t do anything to embarrass yourself more than you did in the Katie Couric interviews, you surprised us.  By writing on your hand you indicated you couldn’t remember even three words, and you got confused about those and had to cross one off.   When the cameras caught your hand on tape, you suggested that it was God-like to write on your hand.  Maybe you will find a way to justify such a dumb ass comment about dikes, but I am afraid the explanation will likely be as unbelievable as the original statement.  You have an exceptional gift of fooling people, but I am afraid you have compromised even that.

A fool and his money are soon parted.  You have a lot of money, so before you are parted with it, give it to someone else to manage for you before you invest it in a new dike building start-up company, or before you purchase a call option on dike building equipment, hoping that the price will go up.

Kindest Regards,


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