Trump Demands FBI/DOJ Investigation Into Obama’s Killing of Elvis

In an early morning tweet, Donald Trump declared "NO MOOR" (sic).  Lots of people think they have seen Elvis.  Others think that they know how to spell "more". Elvis has been spotted in the Movie Home Alone, in Vicksburg, Michigan, at the Burger King in Kalamazoo, in Graceland, and perhaps most importantly for Donald Trump,... Continue Reading →

For Trump the Best Defense is a Lie as an Offense

President Obama hasn't been President of the United States for more than a year. Donald Trump has been President for more than a year.  Yet Trump is still lying about Obama.  For years Trump has been critical of Obama, telling lies that had no basis in fact.  It started in 2011 with Trump's claim that... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin was Obama’s “Imbedded Informant”

Everyone knows that Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for President.  Palin had spent the last 8 years saying horrible things about President Obama.  Thus she would be an ideal "imbedded informant" that Obama might have placed to spy on Trump's presidential campaign.  Nobody would suspect.  Nobody would believe that Palin was really working for Obama. ... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Blamed the President for the Government Shutdown

Everyone remembers when Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz blamed the White House for the Government Shut Down. Now that Palin's buddy Trump is in the White House, and Republicans are the dominant party in both the House and Senate, she fails to comment on who is responsible. She simply links to an article that someone... Continue Reading →

Don’t Panic- Revoking Net Neutrality May Be OK

The Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday to end "net neutrality".  Because "net neutrality" was a protection enacted during the Obama era,  and because Trump has done so many bad things, it is easy to assume the worst.  "Pat" indicated in her comment that her grandchildren are concerned about their ability to communicate via the internet.... Continue Reading →

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