Sarah Palin and Donald Trump Have Five Things in Common

  Trump, like Sarah Palin, must reply on his/her success in the past, is corrupt, is a liar, has associated with people who plagiarize an Obama speech, and endorse losers. It's 2017 and Sarah Palin hasn't been the Governor of Alaska in over 8 years.  Yet she still insists on being introduced as the Governor... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Gets Her Facts Wrong Again!

Sarah Palin has made it her job in life to spin events so they look like she or people who share her political ideology are always right.  Today is no exception.  Today Sarah reports that “The IRS admits that its treatment of Plaintiffs during the tax-exempt determination process, including screening their applications based on their... Continue Reading →

Bush, Obama, and General Kelly Speak Out Re Being an American

Three different people spoke out yesterday to address the turmoil in America today.  The name "Donald Trump" was not mentioned, but it was clear that they were addressing the dysfunction in America that has been caused and/or exacerbated by Donald Trump.    

Copy This Letter to Your Congressional Representatives

Given the anticipated announcement tomorrow by Trump of his decision to dissolve DACA, it is imperative that all Americans let your Congressional representatives know that we demand that they enact legislation immediately to embrace and support Dreamers.  The following is a letter to copy and paste to send to your Senators and Representatives today.  Don't... Continue Reading →

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