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Trump has visited his two golf courses near his Mar-a-Lago estate — Trump International Golf Course in West Palm Beach and Trump National Golf Course in Jupiter .  Trump has been the President for four weeks and he’s already been six times to the golf course.  That’s a lot of golf from the person who condemned Obama because he played golf.




Trump’s decision to spend three consecutive weekends at his “southern White House” stands in contrast to what he promised during the campaign, when he said he’d “rarely leave the White House.”

“I would rarely leave the White House because there’s so much work to be done,” Trump told a reporter in 2015. “I would not be a president who took vacations. I would not be a president that takes time off… You don’t have time to take time off.”

Yet Trump is playing golf often  and the cost to taxpayers is $3 Million per weekend.   The annual cost of guarding Trump Tower could be as high as $183 million, which is required now that Melania is staying outside the White House.

Trump stands to benefit from all these taxpayers expenses. In order to have constant access to the commander-in-chief, and to protect the First Lady, the military is forced to rent space in Trump Tower at a taxpayer cost estimated to be $1.5 million annualy.  Worse yet, that money is lining the Trump family’s pockets. Relocating the executive branch to Mar-a-Lago each weekend raises the profile of the club and encourages people to pay for the access to the President that a $200,000 membership provides. And the Trump sons’ international business trips generate free publicity for the Trump Organization, while their appearances at the White House reinforce the message that doing business with them is a way to gain access to their father.

Contrast Trump’s spending with his proposal would eliminate “longstanding conservative targets like the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Legal Services Corporation, AmeriCorps and the National Endowments for the Arts and the Humanities,” the New York Times reports. “Most of the programs cost under $500 million annually, a pittance for a government that is projected to spend about $4 trillion this year.  Thus Trump is making himself and his family richer by taking away hard-earned tax dollars and giving it to himself.  It appears that Trump’s idea of how to make America Great Again is to make himself and his family wealthier, and the poor, poorer.



How heavy is Trump?  He usually appears in a dark suit so it is difficult to get a true picture.  However experts estimate his weight to be around 250lbs.  Does it matter if our President is overweight?  Only if he is 70 years old, eats fried chicken



and french fries,and ice cream by the pint.



and is expected to live for the next four years.  Certainly these images would seem to contradict that Trump will be the “healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”



Donald Trump - Celebrity Style

This picture of Trump playing golf is a clear indication of just how healthy Trump really is.


Perhaps Trump should avoid the golf cart all together, and walk the 18 holes!



Rocker Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin laugh before a rally for Republican senate candidate John Raese at Haddad Riverfront Park in Charleston, W.Va., on Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010. (AP Photo/Jon C. Hancock)


Sarah Palin represents the worst in American politics.  Some might say that Donald Trump is the worst, but at least he earned enough electoral votes to win the Presidency.  Sarah Palin was appointed by John McCain so she never won the majority of American votes.

For eight years Palin has made it her life mission to find fault with President Obama, without offering any alternative plans for anything.  As President Obama bids farewell to the White House, Sarah Palin authors an article for Breitbart referencing the “end of an error.”  It’s funny that Palin highlighted things that could have been said about her:

  1.  Astronomically increased debt.-  Palin left Wasilla  and the state of Alaska in greater debt that when she took office as mayor, and then as Governor.
  2. Disrespected law enforcement.-Palin has disrespected law enforcement in Alaska by avoiding accountability for the conduct of Todd being a pimp, by Sarah for speeding, by Bristol for brawling, by Track for domestic violence and by Willow by vandalizing a home.
  3. Numerous ticked off allies.– Both China and India were surely offended by Palin.


4.  Demographic divisions.- Palin has a history of racist remarks.

When I think back over the last eight years, there are two highlights of Obama’s Presidency that stand out.

#1.  Affordable Health Care for Everyone.  Under the Affordable Health Care Act, 24 million people gained health insurance.  If repealed, those 24 million people would be added to the 29.6 million who would still be uninsured even if the ACA’s various programs had remained in place, for a total of 53.5 million uninsured people.

#2.  Taking Out Osama bin Laden.  Has anyone forgotten that it was President Obama who was responsible for finding and killing Osama bin Laden.


2977 People were killed in the attack of 9-11.  Thousands of family members will never forget that tragedy.  There are lasting effects to our country.  I will never forget that attack, the resolve of the American people, and the President who was responsible for holding the terrorist accountable for this tragedy.


As Sarah Palin fades into obscurity, she represents the “”End of an Error.”  Donald Trump ensured this end by  failing to name Sarah Palin to any position in his cabinet.  Bye, bye, bye.


U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives for a campaign event in Phoenix, Arizona July 11, 2015. REUTERS/Nancy Wiechec - RTX1K1CM

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin addresses attendees at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tenn., Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010. (AP Photo/Ed Reinke)

Sarah Palin has been an outspoken proponent of Donald Trump since she endorsed him a year ago.  Ironically that was Jan. 19, 2016.  Exactly one year later on the 20th of Jan. 2017 Trump will be inaugurated.

She actually told Trump recently that she would like to be considered for the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.  She previously told him that she’d like to be considered fo

r Secretary of Energy.   Trump actually said that there would be a place in his administration for Palin.  Here’s what was reported:

While adding that Palin could “certainly” play a role in his campaign or future administration, potentially as the vice presidential pick, Trump declined to engage in any speculation as to whether she would be his choice, boasting that “everybody wanted” the endorsement of the former Alaska governor and 2008 vice-presidential nominee.

“I haven’t discussed it with her. No, I haven’t discussed anything with her about what she’d do, but she’s somebody I really like and I respect. And certainly, she could play a position if she wanted to,” Trump said, adding that he did not think Palin would want to do that again.”

However now that Trump is the President-elect, and he is days away from his inauguration,he has finally filled the last remaining position in his administration that was left open.  That would be the same position that Sarah wanted,the Secretary of veterans affairs.  In a slap-in-the-face to Sarah, Trump selected David Shulkin to be his Secretary of Veterans Affairs.  To run salt in Sarah’s wig, Trump appointed Shulkin who is currently the under secretary for health at the VA, where he runs the Veterans Health Administration, and he was nominated for that position by President Barack Obama in March 2015, and confirmed by the Senate that June.  Although I might have missed one, it is my impression that Shulkin is the only person nominated by Trump that was part of the Obama administration.


The really offensive thing is that Trump offered the position to several people before Shulkin, and Palin wasn’t one of them.

No doubt Sarah Palin is wondering where have all the flowers,young men, soldiers, supporters,and dollar bills gone?


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