Trump Condones Unlawful Search and Seizure of American Citizens

  Donald Trump seems to be a proponent of Constitutional rights for himself, but not for other Americans.  Take for example his ban on Muslims, that was unconstitutional.  His ban of transgenders in the military was unconstitutional.  He has advocated restrictions on the First Amendment.  Trump has advocated torture and killing of terrorists and their... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Ties to the Klan Revealed!

It was August 2017 that Hillary Clinton ran an ad that brought focus on Trump's support from the KKK. On Saturday one person was killed and 19 were injured when a speeding car slammed into a throng of counterprotesters in Charlottesville, where a "Unite the Right" rally of white nationalist had been scheduled take place.... Continue Reading →

Trump Declares His Birthday to be a National Holiday!

As my previous post reveals, today is Donald Trump's 71st birthday. Sean Spicer hasn't announced yet what the President will do to celebrate his birthday, so we are left to speculate.  Here's what I imagine Trump will do: He'll declare June 14th as a national holiday.  People around the country, along with members of the... Continue Reading →

Trump, the Real Terrorist, Exacts Revenge Against Muslim Mayor of London

In a time of crisis, Donald Trump can think only of himself.  His comments were politically motivated, instead of reaching out to those suffering from the recent terrorist attack in London.  Here is a video of the report on the incident that left 7 dead and 48 wounded. Khan is the Muslim Mayor of London.Trump... Continue Reading →

Trump Seeks Adoration of Foreign Countries Amid Plummeting Popularity

The Saudis rolled out the red carpet for Trump and his family.They gave him a medal.They treated him to dinner, eating with their finest china.  The Golden mirror, candle sticks, and light fixtures were reminiscent of all that Trump perceives is worthy of him.They even gave him a sword.As the Saudis lavish gifts and adoration... Continue Reading →

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