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Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC gives his reactions to Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and the arrest of Palin’s son.

Roger Ailes didn’t like what Chris Matthews had to say about Sarah Palin.  I bet you will.

“Palin went to three different colleges and doesn’t have an education. Well, that woman is an idiot” – Keith Olbermann

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”. Sarah Palin might be the very type of person about whom Dr. King warned us.  Maybe the candidates endorsed by Palin share similar character traits.

Sarah Palin has been seen traveling around the country in a private plane for the purpose of endorsing political candidates for various offices.  Some of us would find it embarrassing to be endorsed by Palin given the many embarrassing things Palin has said, and the fact that she is no longer a politician (she quit…even though she is not a quitter, and she still insists upon being called “Governor”). One logical question might be:  Does her travel by private plane indicate that her income has risen sufficiently beyond that of the Governor of Alaska (remember her comment about selling the Governor’s plane on e-Bay at the Republican Convention) to justify such an extravagant expense?  Even though she appeared at book signing events in a bus, we realized later that she was flying in a private plane and being met at the airport by the bus.  At least the bus gave her the appearance that she was a common person.  Certainly we can agree that she is no longer a common person, and has become part of the “elite” which she has been so quick to denounce.  So what good is she doing with this new-found celebrity status? Who merits the endorsement of Sarah Palin?

My favorite endorsement by Sarah Palin is that of the “bizarre and outlandish” Michele Bachmann, Representative from Minnesota.

Palin’s wisdom and intellect in her choice of candidates is best illustrated by quotes of Bachmann:

“There isn’t even one study that can be produced that shows that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas”.

“We have a gangster government”.

“Not all cultures are equal.  Not all values are equal”.

“If you are involved in gay and lesbian lifestyle, it’s bondage.”

“Because it is important that we put men and women of God into

office in our government, amen. And I don’t want any more letters

about church and politics don’t mix. If that’s your opinion, then

you need to get saved…”

Maybe Palin and Bachmann share a common view of religion, and maybe Palin could give Bachmann some pointers about how to identify witches.  I bet they agree on the importance of God in politics.  Maybe Palin and Bachman also share a common view of civil rights. Certainly Palin has herself been identified as having “bizarre and outlandish” behavior and comments (i.e. writing on her hand, waving to Russia, suggesting that she has seen human footprints inside a dinosaur’s footprint, and even reference to “two Sarah’s …one that is perky and one that is morose and non-responsive”).

Because Sarah’s website doesn’t list candidates she endorses, or policies that are important to her, we might question what the common thread is for each of the politicians that she endorses.  Palin has endorsed Rick Perry, Governor of Texas.  Like Todd Palin, Perry advocates secession from the United States.  Like Sarah Palin, Perry doesn’t seem to put a premium on education, so maybe ignorance is something they share.  Governor Perry has turned away millions of dollars in federal aid for education in Texas.  It appears that he, like Sarah, doesn’t mind that Texas and Alaska are two of the lowest performing states in the educational achievements of our kids.

A closer review of all the candidates endorsed by Palin reveals one common thread.  Each candidate Palin endorses suggests that women should not have reproductive freedom.  These people can’t accurately be called right to lifers as the fact of abortion has been known to save lives.  The health of some women may be compromised by a pregnancy, and thus an abortion may actually save the life of the mother.  In the case of my brother’s son, an unhealthy twin pregnancy necessitated termination of one twin in order to save the life of the healthy twin.  I now have a nephew who would not be alive today if not for the termination procedure of what my brother called the angel baby.  For my nephew, his right to life was dependent upon the termination of his twin.  My brother and his wife chose life, and terminated a fetus that would not have lived outside the womb.

Sarah Palin and those candidates she endorses condemn all people who choose to terminate a pregnancy for any reason.  Sarah seems to feel it is HER job to dictate what other people do, even if the United States Supreme Court has recognized that it is a fundamental civil right of every woman to decide for herself whether to terminate a pregnancy in the first trimester.  Contrary to the wisdom of the United States Supreme Court, Palin seems to feel she should be able to impose her beliefs and values on the entire country.

There is one noticeable exception to this philosophy.  Palin is also endorsing McCain, and he is pro-choice.  Maybe if a person causes a financial windfall for Sarah, values become extinct like the dinosaurs.  Another example of the persuasiveness of money to Palin would be the choice of ghostwriters for her book, “Going Rogue”.   Of all the people Palin could have chosen to be her ghostwriter, Sarah chose Lynn Vincent, who herself admits she had an abortion.

Most of us would respect McCain and Vincent’s attitude regarding abortion, but it is ironic that the two people who have helped Sarah make the most money have each embraced the right of a woman to make the right choice for herself.  Palin appears as the keynote speaker at right to life rallies making hundreds of thousands of dollars for appearances.  The only logical conclusion is that Palin is a pro-life proponent when it is financially rewarding to her.  If we have not been clear about what motivates Sarah Palin until now, surely it is now crystal clear!  Character, values, and virtues (the subject of her next book) seem to take a back seat to financial rewards.

Just when you thought Sarah Palin had provided all the humor one could tolerate, she has out-done herself.  Stephen Colbert called her a “f#@*ing retard”. John Stewart, highlighted the signs at the Tea Party convention suggesting that someone didn’t want a “Pubic Option”.  Last night on MSNBC Keith Olbermann did a hand routine mocking Palin’s use of her hand as a note pad.  Even when kids write on their hands, and limit their notes to a few words, they don’t usually have to cross some out.  Not Sarah Palin.  She mocks President Obama for using a teleprompter, but she uses her hand!

It would be fun to laugh at these comedians if we could be sure the United States of America would not be embarrassed by Palin running for the highest office in the land.  She is a joke, and we should put her in her rightful place…on Saturday Night Live, not on a news show.  Fox News should be embarrassed to call her a “newscaster” or a “pundit”.  The only thing she is good for reporting is the words that she can spell and write on her hand.  Even if I identified with the Republican Party or Rick Perry, I would be embarrassed to be associated with Sarah Palin.  I would be embarrassed to have the best person I could find to endorse me, to be a person who writes on her hands, and then reads from those hands on national television.  Maybe she thought that the fee of $100,000.00 for the speech was not enough to justify the expense of note cards.  Maybe this is an example of “common sense” or conserving resources?  Wait…I know why she did it…maybe she has a special place in her heart for the hearing impaired, and she wrote on her hand for their benefit.  Perhaps she can learn a few words in Russian, so when she writes on her hand in Russian and waves they will understand her message.

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