Trump Dedicates a Golf Trophy to the Victims of Maria! Outrageous! Insulting!

It wouldn't be the first time that Donald Trump would mock somebody less fortunate than himself.  Trump poked fun at the people of "Puerto-Ri-co" even though they were the victims of one of the worst hurricanes in the history of the Caribbean. He is such a heartless, vile excuse for a human that he dedicated... Continue Reading →

Both MSNBC and FOX News Condemn Trump Jr.

Virtually NEVER does MSNBC and Fox News agree on anything political.  However there is now an exception.  All news agencies agree that Trump Jr.'s conduct is outrageous!  The amazing thing is that these reports came BEFORE it was known that other Russians attended the meeting.

MUST SEE: Trump’s Outrageous Financial Ties to Russia and Organized Crime!!!

Trump's son admitted that "Russians make up a  pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.  We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia." Pat brought this article to my attention.  It describes a Dutch documentary, titled The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump, Part 1: The Russians. The first installment of the investigative... Continue Reading →

Rachel Maddow Reports on Fake News Intentionally Sent to Her

This story is important only because it was an apparent attempt to get MSNBC to report on "Fake News" that confirmed a connection between Trump and Russia.

Be Very Scared of FBI Acting Director McCabe and His Ties to Trump & Russia

McCabe had nothing but praise for Director Comey. But the truth about McCabe is frightening.  Rachael Maddow did an entire segment on McCabe's ties to Trump and Russia last night. Today McCabe won't answer relevant questions Congress is asking:

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