Trump Would Rather Be A Racist than Mentally Unfit!

The entire country is talking about Trump's "shithole" remarks.  White female anchors were moved to tears. Perhaps Donald Trump believes that the best defense to the Fire and Fury is a good offense.  By referring to shithole countries, Trump has the news stations talking about what a racist he is instead of questioning his mental competency... Continue Reading →

TRUMPLAND–Michael Moore’s New Movie is Coming

  New documentary "Trumpland: Kill All Normies" premieres Tuesday, Jan 16 on FUSION In the new documentary “Trumpland: Kill All Normies,” FUSION teams up with author Angela Nagle to examine the social and political forces that have emboldened white nationalists during the age of Trump. “Trumpland: Kill All Normies” premieres Tuesday, January 16 @ 8PM, days before the one-year anniversary... Continue Reading →

More Lies From the Stable Genius!

The frequency of lies told by Donald Trump is astounding.  "The sheer frequency, spontaneity and seeming irrelevance of his lies have no precedent. "  A whopping 70 percent of Trump’s statements that PolitiFact checked during the campaign were false, while only 4 percent were completely true, and 11 percent mostly true. Those who have followed Trump’s career... Continue Reading →

25 Revelations re Donald Trump’s Presidency from The Fire and Fury

His name is Michael Wollf.  He is an American author, essayist, and journalist, and a regular columnist and contributor to USA Today, The Hollywood Reporter, and the UK edition of GQ.  He's written several books, but the best known, until now is the The Man Who Owns the News: Inside the Secret World of Rupert Murdoch (2008).  However the upcoming release of... Continue Reading →

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