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On Sat, May 29, 2010, the Conservatives4Palin website featured an article by Nicole Coulter, entitled “Famous Quitters throughout History”. The apparent reason for the article is a plan my Mitt Romney to use the phrase, “Mitt won’t quit” in the primary race against Palin. Obviously Romney is in a difficult position to run against Palin, because Palin doesn’t articulate any policies. Romney is left to criticize her commitment to the people who elected her because there is a complete void of any method to accomplish any goal, other than Divine intervention.  Ms. Coulter specifically suggests that the people who support Palin compare her to famous people, and asks all who frequent this site to “consider the following examples of free-thinking ‘quitters’:

1. Copernicus “quit” believing the sun rotated around the earth.
2. The American Revolutionaries “quit” being subject to England.
3. Abraham Lincoln helped America “quit” practicing slavery.
4. Thomas Edison “quit” using the oil lamp.
5. The moon landers “quit” being stuck on the earth.
6. Bill Gates “quit” using the typewriter (and also quit Harvard).
7. Michael Jordan “quit” the Tarheels (and the Bulls, and then came back)
8. Ronald Reagan “quit” acting.
9. Russia “quit” the Soviet Union.
10. Carly Fiorina “quit” having cancer.

To suggest that Palin was not a “quitter” is like the Monty Python routine where the pet shop owner claims that the parrot sold to John Cleese, isn’t dead, but is just resting.    The absurdity of the pet shop owner stating that the parrot is alive is much like the absurdity of suggesting that Palin is not a quitter.  Just as Cleese described the dead parrot as an “ex-parrot”, Palin is an “Ex-Governor”.

In July 2009 Palin announced that she would be quitting as Governor of Alaska.  Palin resigned as governor; she left office; she ceased serving the people of Alaska; she abandoned her elected position; she discontinued going to work at the Governor’s office, she no longer collects a pay check from the state of Alaska;  she is a deserter.  When Palin left office she had 18 months left in her term.  When people address her as “Governor” we know that is a misnomer.  She is a half-term-Ex-Governor.

Coulter seems to be confused about the notion of being a “quitter.”  Unlike Palin, most of the people Ms. Coulter mentions accomplished great things.

1. Nicolas Copernicus lived from 1473–1543, and was the famous Polish astronomer who was immortalized by his work, De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium.  It was this treatise that formed the bases of modern astronomy, and included the notion that the earth rotated around the sun.  Copernicus never “quit” anything, but changed the way people think about the universe.  He was a scholar.  Palin is not.  Sarah Palin has changed one thing; the way we think about the ease with which the American people can be misled.

2. The American Revolutionaries were people who fought for freedom from British rule and founded our country.  It’s funny that these soldiers in the battle for independence would be mentioned in this list, as Palin has repeatedly made reference to our Constitution and rights as “God given”.  These are the very people who drafted our Declaration of Independence, and who recognized the importance of separation of church and state.

3. Abraham Lincoln was the opposite of Sarah Palin.  He served four successive terms in his state legislature.  He served a full term as President of the United States, and began a second term. He didn’t quit until he was dead.  Lincoln is remembered as a statesman of noble vision, great humanity, and remarkable political skill.  Contrast that image to that of Palin who didn’t finish her first term as Governor, helped John McCain lose the presidential election, and her idea of “humanity” is killing animals in Alaska.

4. Thomas Edison is known as the greatest inventor who ever lived. He is remembered for his strong sense of perseverance, readily expending whatever amount of perspiration needed to overcome challenges. This was a characteristic that he later noted was contrary to the way most people respond to stress and strain on their body. He is remembered for his unique mental, and physical, stamina required for the incredible rigors of a being a successful inventor in the late 19th Century.   During his life he obtained 1093 patents.  Sarah Palin has not obtained a patent for anything.  Levi Johnston described her physical stamina best when he recounted her arriving home at 3:00 and watching soaps for the rest of the day.   Palin’s mental stamina could best be illustrated by her comment to Katie Couric when Palin was asked what newspapers she read. Palin was unable to list a single publication.

5.  The “moon landers” is a machine more appropriately referred to as the “Apollo Lunar Module” and is not a person at all.  If the author of this article about quitters intended to refer to the astronauts who went to the moon, they completed that mission.

6. Bill Gates is not only one of the wealthiest people in the world, but he is recognized as one of the all time great philanthropists.  The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest charitable foundation in the world.  This foundation focuses its efforts on a variety of missions, but primarily global problems that are typically ignored by governments. As of 2007, Bill and Melinda Gates were the second most generous philanthropists in America, having given over $28 billion to charity.

Gates was smart enough to be admitted into Harvard and was also smart enough to leave Harvard early to become the leader in the personal computer industry.  Since that time he has received 8 honorary degrees, and has been honored as a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II.  Last time I checked, Sarah Palin has only donated an hour of her time to the NRA Convention and has no honorary degrees.

7.  Michael Jordan attended college at North Carolina, and while his education was interrupted after three years to be drafted in 1984 by the Chicago Bulls, he did return in 1986 to complete his degree. In addition to being recognized as one of the best athletes of the 20th century, his accomplishments include:

Sarah Palin played basketball, but only scored a total of 9 points in the three games in which her team played in the state championship tournament (Benet 38).

8. Ronald Reagan attended all four years at the same college, completed two terms as Governor of California, the state with the greatest population in the country.  Reagan completed two terms as President.  Sarah Palin couldn’t complete one term as Governor of Alaska one of the least populated states in the country.

9. Russia didn’t “quit” the Soviet Union, the Union was dissolved. Sarah Palin has no relationship with Russia, except to wave to it.

10. Carly Fiorina is in remission from cancer.  As far as I know Palin has never had cancer.  Carly Fiorina outsourced 18,000 jobs while at Hewlett Packard, sending those jobs overseas. She could be compared to Palin as she opposes choice for women, she voted in favor of Proposition 8, she thinks the science behind global warming is inconclusive, and she has opposed cap and trade legislation targeted at controlling greenhouse gases.

The lesson we can learn from this article is that although supporters of Palin may be well intentioned, they are far removed from reality.  To suggest that these people are comparable to Sarah Palin is delusional.

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