CNN Analysis of the Mental State of Jared Loughner

gokemidoro brought this to my attention and thought you might want to watch and learn.  We have seen the video clips on you tube, but this therapist helps us understand what the words mean.  Malia

If Ignorance is Bliss, Sarah Palin Must Be Ecstatic

The last two days I have focused on Sarah Palin’s apparent unwillingness to do her “homework”.  The particular blogs related to her unwillingness to investigate a Dallas house for unwed pregnant teens, and her unwillingness, or her inability, to investigate risks associated with offshore drilling.  The obvious conclusion is that Palin lacks the education to understand... Continue Reading →

If Palin Did Her Homework, She Would Know Better

Sarah Palin has established herself as uninterested in school work, and evidently that same character trait translates into being uninterested in doing research on fundraisers she is agreeable to doing.  As long as the “charity” is willing to pay her fee, it seems it doesn’t matter how honest or truthful they are.  If they can... Continue Reading →

Palin Encourages Mental Health Awareness

On May 15, 2009, before resigning as Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin proclaimed May of 2009 as Mental Health Awareness Month.  In her proclamation Palin cited: There are many causes of mental illness and behavioral health disorders is Alaska, including work and home related stress. Studies show that mental illness increases suicide risk. Alaska’s suicide... Continue Reading →

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