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gokemidoro brought this to my attention and thought you might want to watch and learn.  We have seen the video clips on you tube, but this therapist helps us understand what the words mean.  Malia

The last two days I have focused on Sarah Palin’s apparent unwillingness to do her “homework”.  The particular blogs related to her unwillingness to investigate a Dallas house for unwed pregnant teens, and her unwillingness, or her inability, to investigate risks associated with offshore drilling.  The obvious conclusion is that Palin lacks the education to understand or appreciate the absurdity of her comments.  It seems this is a trend.  Supporters of Palin appear to share her bliss.  It is not enough that you and I appreciate the importance of intellect and education in our leaders.  Intelligence is not a requirement for the right to vote.  Thus, those of us who recognize the importance of education in the leaders of our country must help educate others.

Sarah Palin was described by a supporter as a “real” person. Since the debut of Men in Black, I have understood that some people were not “real” people.  Yet who would have thought that the realness of a person should be the definitive criteria for determining if the person is qualified to be our President.  We need to make sure that supporters of Palin stop to think about why they like her.  If it’s because she is pretty, sexy, perky or has five children, then its time to re-assess.  Intelligence may be part of a person’s DNA, but only education facilitates the expansion of the myopia with which we are born.  Obviously some don’t have the means to acquire an education.  However most who have the means, aspire to educate themselves.  Those who have an education available to them, and don’t take advantage of the opportunity, seem to be the ones most in need of an education.

The importance of an education is quite clear. Education allows us to put our potential to maximum use.  A wise man identified two reasons that education is essential:  1) The training of a human mind is not complete without education; and 2) Through the attainment of education, man is enabled to receive information from the external world; to acquaint himself with past history and receive all necessary information regarding the present. Without education, man is as though in a closed room and with education he finds himself in a room with all its windows open towards the outside world.

People like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh influence many people and appear to view the world through the same spectacles that Palin wears. Thus there must be characteristics that Beck, Limbaugh and Palin share.  Consider the background of each and the views they share about people different than themselves, and the importance, or lack thereof, that education played in the lives of each:

    1. Glenn Beck was so moved to be interviewing Sarah Palin that he became teary-eyed. Mr. Beck has referred to Palin as “real”, so maybe his characterization of her was memorable to some.  To me it was an indication of the superficial way that Palin supporters view her.  In his first interview, Glenn pointed out that both he and the “Governor” (she was no longer the Governor at the time of the interview) have “special needs” children.  Even though Beck was attempting to tap into the charitable instincts of his viewers, he doesn’t seem to share this charitable spirit regarding other disadvantaged people.  Glenn has criticized some of the families of the 9-11 victims, and referred to the victims of Katrina as “scum bags”.  It’s no excuse that he is a borderline schizophrenic, and has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. Palin has expressed the same lack of sensitivity to people in Alaska who don’t have health care suggesting that their extended families should help out, even though Bristol’s baby relies upon public funded health care.  Beck seems to share Palin’s sensitivity to the needs of those without health care. .

Beck didn’t seem to identify the importance of a college degree, so he dropped out.  Thus, Palin and Beck seem to have at least two things in common, limited education and special needs children.  Maybe Palin relates to Beck’s drug addiction problems due to Levi’s mother’s arrest for possession of drugs.  Maybe the connection is that Palin’s oldest son Track also had a drug abuse problem, but I have never seen that rumor substantiated.

    1. Rush Limbaugh endorsed John McCain and Sarah Palin, so he must have seen something about Sarah that he liked. What was it about Palin that Limbaugh finds appealing? Maybe it’s that Limbaugh, like Beck and Palin seem to disrespect those who have challenges different than their own. Maybe he, like Glenn Beck, finds it a comfort that Palin doesn’t seem to put a premium on education, since Limbaugh doesn’t have a college degree either.  Funny that the two most well-known conservative talk show hosts don’t have a college degree between them.  Beck, Limbaugh, and Palin have all made a fortune off of their books, so maybe they share that commonality as well. Like Beck, Limbaugh has a history of drug abuse. A trend seems to be emerging.  Beck, Limbaugh, and Palin have each made a lot of money off of conservatives, they each seem to minimize the importance of education, and drugs have affected the lives of each.

It seems obvious that Palin, her supporters, and those celebrities who endorse her, seem to have very little understanding of the world around them.

    1. Consider the educational level of the people voting for Barack Obama in 2008.  The majority of voters for Barack Obama were women, 35,900,000, with Barack Obama beating John McCain among women 56%-43%. , Women currently surpass men in education, earning more Bachelors Degrees in college than men. This is particularly interesting because McCain chose a woman as a running mate, thinking that his choice of Sarah would cause women to vote for the ticket that included a woman.  John must have failed to realize that most women are younger than he is, and more educated than he.  Maybe if he learned to use a computer he would learn what the rest of us know.
    1. The majority of the U.S. population has completed secondary education and the number of college graduates is greater than the number of high school dropouts. As a whole, the population of the United States is increasingly spending more years in formal educational.
    1. College education is highly valued by American society and is one of the main determinants of class and status.  As a general rule the households and demographics featuring the highest educational attainment in the United States are also among those with the highest household income and wealth.

“US Census Bureau report on educational attainment in the United States, 2003”.

    1. In Sarah Palin’s family Todd, her husband, does not have a college degree and   none of her children are college graduates.  Levi, the father of Sarah’s grandchild, never attended college.  I mention this not to disparage Levi, but to highlight the fact that Sarah’s children seem to have internalized Sarah’s lack of value placed upon education.  The number of days of school Sarah’s children have missed because they were accompanying Sarah in her travels seems to bother me, but not Sarah.  For example, when the press was focused on Sarah wearing a visor to the beach in Hawaii, with John McCain’s name marked out, I was more concerned about Piper being on the beach taking a vacation with Sarah during a school week, than about the visor.

Most American families plan vacations around the kids’ school schedules, with the clear message to our kids that you don’t just skip out of school to lay on a beach.

    1. Sarah herself seemed to lack an appreciation for education.  Even though the high school she attended was not particularly rigorous, she often made C’s, and making a D in foreign language was not uncommon.  When it came to choosing colleges, Sarah made this critical decision, not by her course of study or the excellence of the professors, but based upon where her three friends could also gain admission, and where she thought the weather would be favorable. Rebuttal to the Rogue.  Thus, dropping out of college in Hawaii when the weather was not what she had hoped was certainly a predictable result.  It took Sarah five years to attain a four-year degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Palin said…

“In these volatile times when we are a nation at war, now more than ever is when we need a commander-in-chief, not a constitutional law professor lecturing us from a lectern.”

Palin seems to identify education as a limitation, not an asset.  However, ignorance breeds social discord, and studies consistently show that a lack of education is one of the biggest factors contributing to the rise of terrorism and fundamentalism (Strauss, 2008 Strauss, Daniel. September 19, 2008. Fighting Terrorism With Education. Certainly the newspapers have recently been filled with references to violence and terrorism, which seems to have been incited by those lacking an education.

Martin Luther King Jr. said:

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

Sarah Palin is Dangerous!

Sarah Palin has established herself as uninterested in school work, and evidently that same character trait translates into being uninterested in doing research on fundraisers she is agreeable to doing.  As long as the “charity” is willing to pay her fee, it seems it doesn’t matter how honest or truthful they are.  If they can pay her fee, Palin will evidently appear.  Palin is scheduled to speak at fundraiser in Dallas on April 26th.  Even though the fundraiser is advertised on a web site called Palin4Life, proceeds (I am sure AFTER Palin’s fees and expenses) from the event are purportedly going to be donated to establish the Uptown Women’s Center, which is to be a satellite location for the Downtown Pregnancy Center. Do not be fooled by these innocuous sounding names. These are not medical clinics; in fact, there is not a single doctor listed as part of the staff at the Downtown Pregnancy Center.  Despite Downtown Pregnancy Center’s claim of providing, “real answers for life’s questions” by “empowering women through knowledge” the center actually imparts misinformation, distorts facts,  and is blatantly untruthful regarding information it provides relating to abortion, the types available, the abortion procedures, and possible risks associated with an abortion. The Downtown Pregnancy Center will not even provide its patients with the names of any clinics that perform abortions, even if a patient asks for this information.

On the website for the center,, the medication Plan B, also known as the morning after pill, is listed as a “chemical abortion”. This is patently false. Plan B is an emergency contraceptive that prevents implantation, but will not terminate an existing pregnancy. As explicitly stated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “Plan B is emergency contraception, a backup method to birth control… Plan B works like other birth control pills to prevent implantation.  If a fertilized egg is implanted prior to taking Plan B, Plan B will not work”. ( To refer to Plan B as a “chemical abortion” is deceitful and dishonest.

The Downtown Pregnancy Center claims that women who obtain abortions face an increased risk of drug and alcohol abuse, suicide and breast cancer. These are yet more distortions and lies. Harvard and Oxford University studies have found that abortions do not increase a woman’s chance for developing breast cancer.  (,

The American Cancer Society and the U.S. National Cancer Institute affirm the results of the studies. ( The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has noted that the suicide rate among women has decreased since the passage of Roe v. Wade and a 2008 study by the American Psychological Association found that abortion poses no threat to a woman’s mental health. (

It is clear the Downtown Pregnancy Center shares Palin’s penchant for falsehoods and fabrications and like Palin, this center is not focused on helping women. This center’s aim is to proselytize and coerce often scared and confused women into going through with unwanted pregnancies irrespective of the circumstances surrounding the pregnancies (rape, incest) and the financial implications for the women.

Because Palin has celebrity status, thousands of women look to her for information and as a role model.  It is criminal that Palin uses her celebrity status to impact the lives of so many young women with false and misleading information.  It is even worse that Palin justifies all she does by suggesting that it was God’s plan.  I am not familiar with any religion that intentionally tells its followers lies, and then expects its people to act based upon those lies.

On May 15, 2009, before resigning as Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin proclaimed May of 2009 as Mental Health Awareness Month.  In her proclamation Palin cited:

    1. There are many causes of mental illness and behavioral health disorders is Alaska, including work and home related stress.
    2. Studies show that mental illness increases suicide risk.
    3. Alaska’s suicide rate is nearly twice as high as the rest of the nation.
    4. The goal of recognizing an entire month as the Mental Health Awareness Month was to encourage citizens of Alaska to recognize the importance of…supporting those in need of appropriate help.

We know that Sarah Palin has had significant work and home related stress, including the nomination as Vice President, her own pregnancy and the birth of her 5th child at age 44, having a special needs child, becoming a grandmother at age 44, having an unwed teenage daughter who lives at home, giving birth to a baby after a 10 hour plane ride and an hour car ride, having to defend multiple ethics complaints, traveling across the country on a book tour that lasted over one month and including stops in over 20 states, having family members arrested and having a custody suit filed by her daughter Bristol against the father of Palin’s grandchild.  Sounds like Sarah might need our support?

In her book, Sarah authors a letter to herself written by “Trig’s Creator” discussing the reasons the “Creator” intended for Sarah to have a “special needs” child.  (See, Going Rogue, pg. 185-187).   A review of articles on the Internet suggests that praying to God would be a sign of a religious person, but if you think God is talking to you, that might be a sign of mental illness. Let’s all work together to support those in need of our help.

Vote below to indicate if you think we should offer help to Sarah Palin.

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