THANK YOU ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Suck it Bannon”

For the first time in a year I went to bed hopeful that American would emerge from the Trump era with a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of voting.   Roy Moore lost the Senate race in Alabama last night.  Doug Jones is the only Democrat elected as a Senator from Alabama since... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin was Trump Before Trump!

Salon was inspired by the Tweet of Meghan McCain to compare the nomination of Sarah Palin to that of Donald Trump.  Meghan McCain said: Meghan McCainVerified account‏@MeghanMcCain I hope history remembers those who gave up their conservative principles for the cult of personality and celebrity. And those who didn't.  Ms. McCain is commenting on the... Continue Reading →

Trump, Like Palin, Attacks the Messenger

It's a predictable response.  Sarah Palin has perfected the art of lodging personal attacks against anyone who says anything she finds objectionable, even if true.  A classic example was the Vanity Fair report by Michael Gross that resulted in the barracuda attacking the reporter, rather than suggesting that he had reported anything that was not... Continue Reading →

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