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 Ms. McCain is commenting on the obvious difference in “conservative principles” and the”cult of personality and celebrity.”  Salon makes these observations:
“The myopia here is staggering. Although she didn’t respond, I asked Meghan if she remembers an obscure, half-forgotten figure named Sarah Palin? I asked because, in so many ways, there is no Trump without Palin. Palin was Trump before Trump. The rambling incoherence, the vacuousness, the reality TV theatrics, the ghastly marriage of ignorance and confidence – Palin brought this to national politics long before Trump did.”

Like Trump, Palin had no governing philosophy, no vision, and lacked a basic understanding of political life. But she was greeted as a rock star by conservative pundits, who were convinced they could sell her to the base. Trump no doubt noticed this, and took from 2008 an obvious lesson: Win the headlines and Republican primary voters will follow.”


“Palin proved, beyond any reasonable doubt, that “personality” and “celebrity” trumped conservative principles in today’s Republican Party. She proved that a substance-free media-centric strategy could work at the highest level of politics. Palin was dangerously unlettered, and yet the attention she received propped her up to an extraordinary degree. If they weren’t facing an historical candidate in Obama, they might have succeeded. That we came this close to that reality ought to have been a turning point for the country and for the Republican Party. But it wasn’t. And Trump confirms it.”


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The comparison is unmistakable.  Donald Trump has hosted 14 seasons of the Apprentice.  His celebrity has catapulted him to the top of the GOP ticket.

Sarah Palin and Bristol have hosted only a couple of seasons of reality shows, so Sarah was relegated to the Vice Presidential spot, instead of the top of the ticket.

John McCain is totally responsible for putting Sarah in this position, so it is ironic that Meghan now complains about the GOP promoting personality and celebrity.

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It’s a predictable response.  Sarah Palin has perfected the art of lodging personal attacks against anyone who says anything she finds objectionable, even if true.  A classic example was the Vanity Fair report by Michael Gross that resulted in the barracuda attacking the reporter, rather than suggesting that he had reported anything that was not 100% accurate.  Palin chose words like  limp, impotent, and gutless. 

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It seems the Donald has learned from the same instructor.  Because he can’t attack or question the criticisms lodged against him, he attacks the messenger personally.  When Megyn Kelly quoted the Donald’s remarks regarding disparaging women, Donald didn’t say she was incorrect, he attacked her.


Trump has followed the same pattern with Meghan McCain.  Remember when Trump suggested that Meghan’s dad wasn’t a war hero?

Meghan responded, expressing her outrage.  She said:  “I can’t believe what I am reading this morning. Horrified. Disgusted. There are no words,” she tweeted.   Note however, Meghan didn’t attack the Donald personally, but expressed her outrage over what he said.  Now, in response to Meghan’s remarks, the Donald has attacked her personally, instead of responding to her response.  Trump called her “angry” and “obnoxious.” Further, his choice of disparaging remarks were directed to personality traits typically associated with women by misogynistic man.

Make no mistake.  The Donald views women as worthy of his respect only if they are beautiful.  In his mind women are good for only one thing, and thinking is purely optional.

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