Sarah Palin’s “New Report” on the Failure of the Commander-in-Chief

"New report" is the complete remark of Sarah Palin on her twitter account, linking a story about damage done to a US ship in the South China Sea.  The ship was a guided-missile destroyer, which is particularly important due to the recent threats made by Kim Jong Un.  Because it was in the South China... Continue Reading →

McCain Seeks Absolution for His Pick of Sarah Palin

It was August of 2008 that we watched that horrifying moment that Sarah Palin was tapped as John McCain's running mate.  We watched in shock to contemplate that Sarah Palin could be a heart-beat away from serving as the President of the United States.  Many remember this photo from that night as it represented everything... Continue Reading →

“New Report” is All Palin Has To Say About John McCain

"NEW report." the one line twitter comment of Palin linking to this article: The Senate voted down a clean “repeal” of Obamacare on Wednesday, according to the Washington Times.  Every Democrat and seven Republicans voted not to put through a 2015 version of a bill that would outright repeal the Affordable Care Act.  On of... Continue Reading →

The Post Sarah Forgot to Post, Forgetting to “Thank a Vet”

How many times have we heard Sarah Palin ask, "Do you love your freedom"?  "If you love your freedom, thank a vet!" Remember when she praised Trump because he would "kick ISIS's ass".   In an effort to kick ISIS's ass, Trump got his ass handed to him!  It was reported on Jan 31, 2017... Continue Reading →

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