Palin Prefers Pedophiles!

Sarah Palin has a history of supporting candidates and people who are pedophiles.  Who could forget her relationship with Ted Nugent, the admitted pedophile?   He admitted he was addicted to young girls. Then there was her friendship with Phil Robertson,   who advised men to marry women when they are 15-16 years old. ... Continue Reading →

OOPS! Sarah Palin Forgot to Mention John McCain’s Memorable Speech

In the last 24 hours Sarah Palin has posted 21 stories on her Facebook.  It appears she is going rogue again and doing her maverick thing regarding the ultimate maverick, John McCain.  It was John McCain who propelled Sarah into the spotlight.  Without John McCain Sarah would never have made the millions she has made.... Continue Reading →

Memorable Speech of John McCain You Shouldn’t Miss!!!

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) passionately defended American idealism and condemned “half-baked, spurious nationalism” that has divided America in a moving acceptance speech Monday evening.  He was awarded the prestigious Liberty Medal by the National Constitution Center.  He spoke about his 60-year career in public service, saying he was “so very grateful” to be “a bit... Continue Reading →

Who Cares, Except Trump, Who Sarah Palin Endorses?

Sarah Palin hasn't been a politician for over 8 years.  Most people would realize that at some time,  an endorsement from the quitter, would NOT be something desirable for any candidate.  Most people would also realize that a person so fickle, a person so quick to change her allegiance, would never be a person whose... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin’s “New Report” on the Failure of the Commander-in-Chief

"New report" is the complete remark of Sarah Palin on her twitter account, linking a story about damage done to a US ship in the South China Sea.  The ship was a guided-missile destroyer, which is particularly important due to the recent threats made by Kim Jong Un.  Because it was in the South China... Continue Reading →

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