Sarah Palin and Donald Trump Seek “Revenge” for Pleas of Help for Dying People of Puerto Rico!

Only a mentally ill, dysfunctional, immoral person could seek "revenge" in response to a Mayor's pleas for help because the people of her city were dying!  Even if you disagree with her point of view, or felt she was over-reacting, "revenge" is not an emotion that would normally be considered by any Christian, right-minded person. ... Continue Reading →

Trump, the Real Terrorist, Exacts Revenge Against Muslim Mayor of London

In a time of crisis, Donald Trump can think only of himself.  His comments were politically motivated, instead of reaching out to those suffering from the recent terrorist attack in London.  Here is a video of the report on the incident that left 7 dead and 48 wounded. Khan is the Muslim Mayor of London.Trump... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Lacks Common Cents!

It doesn’t take an expert to realize that the national debt is the single most challenging problem facing our country at this time in history.  During the election of 2008 McCain “suspended” his campaign to focus on the economy.  Gas was $4.00 per gallon; the rate of unemployment was frightening; Wall Street was a disaster;... Continue Reading →

What’s Wrong with Sarah Palin?

A lot.  For over one year I have been researching, reading, and writing about the multitude of things that have led me to believe that Sarah Palin is unfit to serve in any capacity, at any level of government.  The list of her failings is long and impressive.  When someone asks me why I dislike... Continue Reading →

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