Reince Priebus Describes the Donald as “Big”

Who could forget Trump's reference to the size of his...fingers. Reince Priebus, the head of the Republican Party, was asked in an interview to describe each of the Republican candidates with one word.  Whatever he was referring to, the word that he chose to describe Donald was "BIG".   This is not a joke.  You may... Continue Reading →

Jason Shares Picture of Trump with Penis for a Nose

Jason sent us the link to this picture of Trump from Gawker. There is no explanation for the picture.  Some speculate that it is his way of showing empathy for his grandson who recently had a bris, but Trump was too busy campaigning to attend.  Some speculate that this was a campaign adviser's suggestion of... Continue Reading →

The Nomination of Sarah Palin Was the Beginning of the End for the GOP

The nomination of Donald Trump represents the total dysfunction and decline of the Republican Party.  Never before has the Republican Party been represented by such a vile, bigoted, bombastic, misogynistic, rude,  eog-maniac.    Never before have the GOP candidates turned on each other, as they have in this primary season.  During the nationalized television debate,... Continue Reading →

Why Is the Donald Refusing to Debate?

Marco Rubio has officially withdrawn from the Republican primary contest. That leaves only Trump, Cruz, and Kasich left in the race.  Cruz and Kasich are far behind Trump in delegates. Trump has 646 delegates. Cruz has 397 delegates. Kasich has only 142 delegates. That means there are only 1,103 delegates left, and it will take... Continue Reading →

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