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Who could forget Trump’s reference to the size of his…fingers.

Reince Priebus, the head of the Republican Party, was asked in an interview to describe each of the Republican candidates with one word.  Whatever he was referring to, the word that he chose to describe Donald was “BIG”.   This is not a joke.  You may be laughing, but I’m not making this up.


Jason sent us the link to this picture of Trump from Gawker.

trump dick nose

There is no explanation for the picture.  Some speculate that it is his way of showing empathy for his grandson who recently had a bris, but Trump was too busy campaigning to attend.  Some speculate that this was a campaign adviser’s suggestion of a way to get people to stop talking about his hair.

Some speculate that it was a way to get people to stop talking about the size of his fingers, and instead talk about the size of his nose.

Other’s simply think that it is a way of reminding the Republican Party what everyone thinks of Trump.  What do you think?


trump funn hair four

The nomination of Donald Trump represents the total dysfunction and decline of the Republican Party.  Never before has the Republican Party been represented by such a vile, bigoted, bombastic, misogynistic, rude,  eog-maniac.    Never before have the GOP candidates turned on each other, as they have in this primary season.  During the nationalized television debate, Trump turned his repugnant, insolent, remarks against Marco Rubio. Marco Rubio is not only a Republican Senator, but he was so well thought of by the GOP that he was selected to give the Republican response to the State of the Union address in 2013.

While most of us could never forget Senator Rubio’s nervousness during that speech, it was clear that he was simply nervous, rather than incompetent.

Yet Donald Trump mocked him during the debate.

Trump went on to attack Rubio with hateful ads alleging corruption.  Even if Rubio is guilty of corruption, it should be the job of the press and/or the Democratic Party to bring it to light, not a fellow Republican.

Then Rubio retaliated by revelations about Trump’s penchant for telling lies whenever it suited him.

Rubio even resorted to making jokes about the size of Trump’s dick.

Who could have predicted that the Republican Party would have fallen into such a state of dysfunction that candidates would be touting their penis size as a qualification for President?

Today the Herald Review identifies the minute that the GOP began its free-fall into this abyss.  It was the nomination of Sarah Palin.  The article explains:

“The ensuing months and years exposed Palin as a glib egomaniac with a penchant for lying who knew little about national and international affairs (and cared less). ”

The similarities between Trump and Palin are unmistakable:

“Like her, he substitutes certitude for understanding. Like her, he revels in self-infatuation. Like her, he heaps contempt on his critics. Like her, he exploits a pervasive sense of victimhood among whites who distrust minorities. As with Palin, it’s the distinctive persona and abrasive attitude that attract followers.”

The GOP sealed its fate by not disclosing what a mistake the nomination of Sarah was as soon as the election was over.  “In wrapping its arms around her, the Republican Party sold its soul.”  The day after the election Carl Cameron of Fox News revealed the truth behind the Palin nomination, but the party continued to try to pretend that the Palin pick was well conceived.


Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace, McCain’s top campaign advisers revealed the truth.  The Republican Party remained in denial.

The conclusion is unmistakable.  “ Trump is just here to collect.”  No wonder Sarah has endorsed Trump, and Trump offers praise for Palin.

palin trump rally

No wonder so many people are so offended by Trump that violence breaks out wherever he goes.

trump protest signs

Marco Rubio has officially withdrawn from the Republican primary contest.

That leaves only Trump, Cruz, and Kasich left in the race.  Cruz and Kasich are far behind Trump in delegates.

Trump has 646 delegates.

Cruz has 397 delegates.

Kasich has only 142 delegates.

That means there are only 1,103 delegates left, and it will take 1237 to earn the nomination.  That means that it is virtually impossible for Kasich to earn enough delegates to be the party’s nominee.  If he won all 1103  outstanding delegates, and Trump and Cruz didn’t win a single delegate, Kasich would only have earned 8 delegates more than the required 1237.  Thus, it seems that the only two viable candidates for the Republican Party’s nomination are Trump and Cruz.  Now Trump has announced that he is refusing to debate.   If Donald is not going to debate it seems ridiculous to have a debate.  It seems impossible that Kasich could possibly earn the nomination.  In 2012 a new rule was passed by the GOP that in order to be a candidate at the convention, a candidate must win the majority of delegates in eight or more states or territories.  Thus far Kashich has only won Ohio, his home state, so it seem highly unlikely that he will win the majority of votes in 7 more states.

So the question is why would Trump refuse to debate Cruz.  The media is reporting that it is because he will be speaking at an AIPAC conference in D.C.     Those of us who are more cynical suspect that the reason he is refusing to debate is:

1.  He is interviewing for a 4th wife position, which is the most sought after job in the world.  Now that his new wife could be the Frist Lady, he doesn’t even have to pay her $10000.    He can get a new super model, younger and cheaper than his current wife.
melanis trump naked
2.  Trump has an appointment with  a tattoo artist who is very very good, to even out the color on his eyes.
trump magazine time

MUST BYLINE: EROTEME.CO.UK Donald Trump admires pictures of himself from fans as he arrives at the Good Morning America studios NON-EXCLUSIVE November 15, 2011 Job: 111115P3 New York, New York EROTEME.CO.UK 44 207 431 1598

3.  He has an appointment to endorse the hot dogs named after him, that are the best hot dogs in the world.
trump hot dog
4.  He has an appointment with the pope, to try to convince him that Jesus loves him very very much!
trump and pope
5.  He has an appointment with a badge maker to decide upon the design for the badges that Muslims must wear after he is elected.
trump muslim badge
6.  Trump has an appointment with a tampon distributor which he plans to buy. He plans to rename the product, “Trumpons”.   His plan is to attract investors in this new company who will buy an ownership interest.  He will then pay himself a salary of $100,000.00 to lend his name to the product.  He is very very astute and can tell when women are bleeding from…whereever.  When nobody buys the new tampons, the company will file bankruptcy, but he’ll keep the $100,000.00.
7.  Trump has an appointment with his lawyer about the new suit he plans to file against Comedy Central to get a royalty on the Thousands of Hats they sold.
drumpf hats
Then he plans to file suit against China for the knock-off hats they sold and didn’t give him a cut.  He doesn’t seem to mind if he promotes Chineese goods, Trump just wants his share of the profits.
8.  Trump has an appointment with an architect to redesign the White House after he is elected.
trump white house
9.  He’ll be picking out the First Family’s dog.
trump dog one
trump dog two
trump dog three
10.  He’ll be attending a KKK rally where he’ll be introduced by David Duke.
trump kkk endorsed
trump kkk burning cross


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