The Olympics are Not Only About Athletic Prowess

   It's no secret that Donald Trump has embarrassed the United States around the world.   With the Olympics on television around the world, it's hard not to notice the impact of Donald Trump on the games.  On Thursday, it was reported that Vice President Mike Pence, who is in the US delegate to the games, snubbed... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump: The Eraser

When a four year old child gets caught doing something he/she knows not to do, a common response for a child is to lie or pretend that the bad deed never happened. It seems our President never learned the importance of admitting a mistake and taking responsibility for the act.  If he can pretend that... Continue Reading →

Civil War in America Under Trump’s Leadership

Imagine the possibility that one state in the United States of America treated another state as an enemy and banned travel to the state.  It would be like America banning travel to North Korea because North Korea doesn't respect basic human rights of its inhabitants.  That's exactly what has happened.  The state of California is... Continue Reading →

Trump Breaks Campaign Promises; Appoints the “Head of the Swamp” and Palin Sychophant

Donald Trump campaigned on the promise to "drain the swamp" of business-as-usual Washington insiders.  Reince Priebus, the head of the Reublican Party, qualifies as the leader of the Washington Insiders.  Trump's recent announcement of his appointment of Reince Priebus is a shocking example, less than a week after the election of Trump, of the fact that... Continue Reading →

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