Donald Trump Says: “God Bless the Unided Sates”

Long before Trump's recent remarks on relocating the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, the speech patterns of Donald Trump were the subject of much controversy. However now, it isn't just what Trump is saying that is causing controversy.  It is the actual articulation of words of Trump that has resulted in careful analysis.  People... Continue Reading →

Remember the Clip of Paul Manafort Featured by John Oliver Last March…

Remember this episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  You probably missed the clip at the end of Paul Manafort, but it is quite damning in light of the indictments announced today. I wonder if it was Manafort's remarks that the Russians were laughing about with Trump?  

Trump Accepts 10 Million For Information Leading to His Impeachment

Andy Borowitz is the journalist that broke the story on Trump appointing Sarah Palin as the Ambassador to Nambia.    Borowitz has graced us with another classic.  This report reveals Trump's acceptance of millions of dollars in exchange for information that would lead to his impeachment.

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