Trump Salutes the North Korean General

Trump forgot to salute the American flag. Trump forgot to salute members of the military. Trump mocked this marine. He doesn't know the words to America the Beautiful. But when Trump visited North Korea, he salutes them and can be see always smiling.  It is outrageous that the President of the... Continue Reading →

Trump Endorses the Human Rights Abuses in the “Worst Place on Earth”

It's undisputed that Donald Trump is unconcerned with protecting the disabled or the disadvantaged.  On the campaign trial he mocked a disabled reporter. Remember when he called Putin to congratulate him on he election? Trump's lack of concern for the basic human rights of people around the globe might be summed up in his reference... Continue Reading →

NO Big Macs in North Korea! Trump Comes Home Early, Desperate for Fries and a Shake

Imagine Donald Trump trying to pretend to eat the food in North or South Korea. It's fodder for a late night comedian's entire show. Imagine Trump trying to eat these South Korean favorites: Kimchi (fermented vegetables) Seolleongtang (ox bone soup) Sundubu-jjigae (soft tofu stew) Haemul Pajeon (seafood vegetable pancake) Trump has announced that he is... Continue Reading →

North Korea is Laughing at Trump

Donald Trump has been known to do things off the cuff, that are dangerous, and not well thought out.  Because he thinks he is so smart, he assumes he knows all that he needs to know before saying anything, or taking any action.  He talked about Nambia.  He assumed that a person's father was dead, but... Continue Reading →

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