Like a Hamster, Donald Trump Devours His Own

  Chickens, tiger salamanders, parasitic wasps, hamsters, spiders, polar bears, tiger sharks, and Donald Trump have all been known to devour their own.   As Donald Trump desperately looks for anybody else to take blame in the Russia investigation, Trump has turned on his own.  Trump obviously felt threatened when his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, Trump's senior... Continue Reading →

Make Donald Trump King!

It was Jimmy Kimmel who first had the idea of making Trump King of America.  Trump would love the title and living in a castle.  He could talk about anything, and everything, but his words would have no effect.  If he was a bigot,a  misogynist, demented, etc. it wouldn't really matter. The solution to the... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Describes Kushner’s Statement as “Unexpected”

Sarah tweeted "unexpected" as her total reaction to Jared Kushner's prepared remarks regarding his involvement in the meeting set up by Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Russians who were involved in colluding to cause Hillary to lose the 2016 election.  Palin of course doesn't explain what was "unexpected."  Things that come to mind are:  It... Continue Reading →

Jared Kushner Confirms Collusion in His Statement to the Senate this Morning!

 Ask yourself, "Why did Trump tap his son-in-law Jared Kushner to be his senior adviser, instead of Trump's own son?  The logical explanation is that Trump Sr. knew just how stupid his son was.   Trump Jr. voluntarily produced his e-mails confirming a meeting with Kremlin-connected attorney who promised dirt on then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.... Continue Reading →

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