You’ve Been Challenged!

The 10 From 10 Challenge is a charitable vehicle to fund the research of the only physician in the world to identify a treatment that prolongs the life of A.L.S. patients(typically by two years), and improves the life of M.S. patients.  Dr. Karussis is a Greek Doctor, practicing in Israel, treating patients from around the... Continue Reading →


  David Ben-Gurion said: “Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles is not a realist.” I am a realist.  In 1999 I was 41 years old.  I knew I was too young, too busy, and I felt too good to have M.S.  A realist would know that a couple of bladder infections didn’t mean anything.  They... Continue Reading →

“Israel Must Be Wiped Out”

"Israel Must Be Wiped Out" was written in Hebrew on the missiles launched by Iran yesterday. It was no coincidence that the missiles were launched during the visit of Vice President Biden to Jerusalem.  The Shiite nation launched the missiles in the latest in a series of tests in recent days clearly aimed at demonstrating... Continue Reading →

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