“National Security” is an Oxymoron in the Trump Presidency

An "oxymoron" is  a combination of words that have opposite or very different meanings. Donald Trump said: “We can’t afford someone in the Oval Office who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word confidential or classified.” When Trump complained about Hillary, he was referring to her use of a private server for e-mails.  Trump wasn't complaining... Continue Reading →

Trump Prays for More Money at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

During his trip to Israel, Donald Trump ceremonially placed his secret prayer in the wall.  Nobody knows what it said.  However we can speculate that he prayed for more money.  Given his tax plan it seems likely that getting richer is Trump's goal for his time in office.  Certainly he has said in the past... Continue Reading →

You’ve Been Challenged!

The 10 From 10 Challenge is a charitable vehicle to fund the research of the only physician in the world to identify a treatment that prolongs the life of A.L.S. patients(typically by two years), and improves the life of M.S. patients.  Dr. Karussis is a Greek Doctor, practicing in Israel, treating patients from around the... Continue Reading →


  David Ben-Gurion said: “Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles is not a realist.” I am a realist.  In 1999 I was 41 years old.  I knew I was too young, too busy, and I felt too good to have M.S.  A realist would know that a couple of bladder infections didn’t mean anything.  They... Continue Reading →

Flash Mob at Hadassah Hospital in Israel

This is the hospital in Israel where Dr. Karussis has treated patients with MS and ALS from around the world.  

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