If Republicans Impeach Trump, Republicans Win

For months we have watched as the Press has minimized the chances of Trump being impeached.  With the Republicans in charge in both the House and Senate, it seemed unlikely that they would impeach one of their own.  However, more and more, it seems Republicans might be unwilling to do anything to create the impression... Continue Reading →

Trump Accepts 10 Million For Information Leading to His Impeachment

Andy Borowitz is the journalist that broke the story on Trump appointing Sarah Palin as the Ambassador to Nambia.    Borowitz has graced us with another classic.  This report reveals Trump's acceptance of millions of dollars in exchange for information that would lead to his impeachment.

Newsweek Predicts Impeachment “Inevitable” If Trump Continues to Alienate Republicans

Since before the inauguration, we have predicted the impeachment/resignation of Donald Trump.  However even Newsweek features an article explaining that as Trump alienates more and more Republicans,the likelihood of impeachment seems more probable. Of course the Democratic Party would be thrilled to see him impeached.  However it is the growing number of Republicans that are... Continue Reading →

God Signals Trump’s Impeachment

      A solar eclipse if quite unusual.  However one is expected August 21st.The Fake News is reporting that it is a sign from God.  

Trump Seeks Adoration of Foreign Countries Amid Plummeting Popularity

The Saudis rolled out the red carpet for Trump and his family.They gave him a medal.They treated him to dinner, eating with their finest china.  The Golden mirror, candle sticks, and light fixtures were reminiscent of all that Trump perceives is worthy of him.They even gave him a sword.As the Saudis lavish gifts and adoration... Continue Reading →

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