If Republicans Impeach Trump, Republicans Win

For months we have watched as the Press has minimized the chances of Trump being impeached.  With the Republicans in charge in both the House and Senate, it seemed unlikely that they would impeach one of their own.  However, more and more, it seems Republicans might be unwilling to do anything to create the impression... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Fails to Comment on Donald Trump’s Toxic Delusions of Grandeur

  29 is the number of "cringe-worthy" remarks made by Donald Trump in his speech to the Boy Scouts.  That speech was made on Monday night July 24th. We know from the transcript of the July 25 interview published by Politico on Tuesday, Trump challenged a Wall Street Journal reporter who said the speech had received “mixed” feedback.... Continue Reading →

Trump Has “Great Respect” for New Communications Director Who Calls Chief of Staff a “Fucking Paranoid Schizophrenic”; Chief Strategist a “Cock Sucker”!

The difference between the "mainstream media" and bloggers is that Bloggers have the liberty of reporting using foul language, if the reporting is accurate.  Anthony Scaramucci, Trump's new Communications Director has just communicated with reporters in perhaps the most foul way that even a blogger could imagine!  As a blogger, I have to pause to... Continue Reading →

Spicer’s Out; Mooch is In!

No, I'm not saying Sean Spicer is out of the bushes at the White House. I mean he's resigned as Trump's Press Secretary.  That means Melissa McCarthy is probably in mourning.   It was already suspicious that Sean disappeared and Sarah Huckabee appeared. Now Anthony Scaramouch — “Mooch” to his friends has taken Sean Spicer's... Continue Reading →

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