Complete Distrust and Disunity In the White House; Mueller Laughs

In case you thought it was time for Robert Mueller to file charges, you are right. Recent reports indicate Robert Mueller's probe into Russia's election interference and potential collusion with President Donald Trump's campaign team indicate that the investigation has reached the point where Mueller may soon announce criminal charges.  Both the Wall Street Journal and CNN reported on... Continue Reading →

The Joke is on Trump!

The internet is a-buzz today because the President of the United States thought it would be funny to retweet the gif of him playing golf and hitting Hillary Clinton in the back as she boarded a plane. The first thing you might notice about the original tweet is the name of the person that he... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Ties to the Klan Revealed!

It was August 2017 that Hillary Clinton ran an ad that brought focus on Trump's support from the KKK. On Saturday one person was killed and 19 were injured when a speeding car slammed into a throng of counterprotesters in Charlottesville, where a "Unite the Right" rally of white nationalist had been scheduled take place.... Continue Reading →

Just When You Thinks It Can’t Get Worse-Trump Tweets Classified Information

  CNN reported this week on President Trump watching a story on Fox News that contained classified information.  Jeff Sessions just announced that the leaks must stop. Trump retweeted the story claiming US satellites detected North Korea moving anti-ship cruise missiles to a patrol boat. US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, indicated that... Continue Reading →

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