Sarah Palin says Personal Responsibility is the Solution to the Health Care Crisis, So Why the Lawsuits?

In January of 2008, in her address to the Alaska Legislature, Sarah Palin proclaimed, “Let’s take personal responsibility in all areas of life—including health.” We have known for weeks that Sarah Palin has done quite the opposite.  As a child, Palin’s family relied upon the Canadian government’s national health care. It has also become a... Continue Reading →

Write Your Own “Rebuttal to the Rogue”

In 2008, Sarah Palin, and John McCain’s nomination of her as a Vice-Presidential candidate, were so offensive to me that I felt compelled to write “Rebuttal to the Rogue”, and start this blog. It’s been over a year since McCain lost the election, and almost a year since Palin resigned her position as Governor.  I... Continue Reading →

Palin’s Legacy?

Despite my hope that one day Sarah Palin will fade from our country’s collective memory, becoming at best a footnote in American history, I fear that her legacy will linger long after she has tired of “writing” Facebook notes and shilling for every conservative group that throws money her way. Everyday I am inundated with... Continue Reading →

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