The Summer of Trump’s Discontent…

  You might have heard of the "Winter of Discontent."  You might associate that with Shakespeare  or the winter of 78-79 in England.  However it is "Summer" that is the thorn in  Trump's backside. Summer Zervos is the woman who has sued Trump.  She is a former contestant on "The Apprentice."  Summer accused President Trump... Continue Reading →

WHOOPS! Palin Condemns Herself and Her History at Fox

Jake Tapper of CNN interviewed Sarah Palin following the announced departure of Bill O'Reilly as a result of new allegations of sexual harassment.  Mr. Tapper questioned Palin directly about whether she was harassed while at Fox.  Palin has a long history of wearing provocative clothing, having sexual encounters with people other than her husband, and... Continue Reading →

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