Willow, the Hairdresser, Sells Story Describing Outraged At Media Coverage

  It was September of 2017 that Bristol's daughter was used to make headlines on Daily Mail.  The article featured this headline: Budding style icon! Bristol Palin shares cute videos of 21-month-old daughter Sailor Grace choosing a VERY eclectic outfit for the day, as she admits the tot wears 'whatever she wants' This pictures are... Continue Reading →

THANK YOU ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Suck it Bannon”

For the first time in a year I went to bed hopeful that American would emerge from the Trump era with a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of voting.   Roy Moore lost the Senate race in Alabama last night.  Doug Jones is the only Democrat elected as a Senator from Alabama since... Continue Reading →

Bristol Pretends to be a Victim While Selling Sex With Mom!

Trying to take advantage of the public outrage over multiple men who have committed egregious acts of sexual harassment in the workplace or as elected officials, Bristol has suggested that she and her "entire family" were also victims of sexual harassment.  In support of her assertion she cited (1) Chris Wallace, simply making an inappropriate reference... Continue Reading →

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