Melania Trump Pretends the Press is Dishonest, but Pictures Don’t Lie

This is the interview of Melania Trump by Anderson Cooper.  She confirms that she believes that the press is dishonest, and that they report a lot of lies. She indicated in the interview if Trump knew that the microphone was on when he made his notorious "pussy" remark.  Yet she described her husband as "KIND"... Continue Reading →

Melania Has to Remind Donald What to Grab!

It's amazing that the foreign born wife of the President has to remind our President to cover his heart while listening to the national anthem.    

If Trump Picks Palin, How Will He Pay For Her Clothes?

A Billion Dollars is more money than the average person can even imagine.  For example, you could buy a brand new Boeing 747 for a mere $347 Million.  That means you could probably negotiate a discount if buying three for a flat billion dollars.  Presidential campaigns are so expensive, that the average person can't imagine... Continue Reading →

Right Hand-Left Hand: Proof of Bristol’s Lies!

At least one media source seems to be reporting on the story that Bristol fabricated the birth date of Sailor.  As the basis for support they report: "For 48 hours there was not a word about the birth on Bristol’s blog on Patheos. In fact, at the same time the baby was allegedly being born, the... Continue Reading →

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