Proof of Sarah Palin’s Corruption as Governor of Alaska Has Finally Emerged!

Years ago I filed an ethics complaint against Sarah Palin as a result of the film she made "Sarah Palin's Alaska."¬† The crux of the complaint was that Sarah Palin took advantage of a law enacted during her term as governor to grant film tax credits to companies making films in Alaska using residents of... Continue Reading →

Rick Perry Just Won’t Go Away!

It's been months since we said adios to Rick Perry.   Like Sarah Palin, just because he is no longer the Governor, we are not rid of him yet. His felony indictment is still pending. ¬†Last November the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the highest Criminal Court in Texas, heard arguments on whether the charges... Continue Reading →

The Destruction of America by Scott Walker

America is a nation of immigrants. We are a country where people have come seeking freedom and a better life. In spite of the fact that America is over 200 years old, most people can trace their heritage to countries around the world from which they immigrated. Illegal immigrants have been shown to be driving... Continue Reading →

Scott Walker Tries to Conceal Information as He Prepares to Launch His Campaign

We anticipate that on Monday Scott Walker will add his name to the list of 14 Republicans who are running for President. Even before he announces his decision to run, his commitment to hypocrisy and government cover-up is astounding. Walker's political action committee, Our American Revival, touted Wisconsin's "strong" open records law in its attacks... Continue Reading →

Todd Palin Joins Sarah as the “Undefeated” in the Iron Dog

The Iron Dog this year was characterized by snowmobiles sitting in the dirt. However Sarah Palin is sure that it has nothing to do with global warming. For years we've known Sarah as the defeated "undefeated" candidate. Todd joins her as an undefeated defeated Iron Dog champion. Sarah posted a note of congratulations on facebook.... Continue Reading →

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